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For the past several months I have told anyone that made the mistake of asking me that while I am philosophically an independent I will be voting for the Democratic nominee, whoever that will be, just to remove Bush from the White House. I had even remarked to my father that I hoped that the candidate will be Wesley Clark but that Howard Dean was looking like the Democratic pick. Notice how I was just assuming that I had to let the party make it’s decision without any input from me? Just kind of threw up my hands and accepted that I had no influence?

Then I was reminded about the Primaries and I believe that I am actually still registered as a Democrat so…I can vote in them. I have nothing against Dean (well, not a lot) and could vote for him if he becomes the nominee, but I LIKE Clark and would really enjoy being able to vote FOR a candidate for a change instead of AGAINST one. I am not trying to convince anyone reading this that Clark is the best candidate but I would like to point out to those so inclined that you have the chance to vote for the Democratic candidate you want to oust Bush. Click on the Primaries link above to see a calendar of primary dates and the reminded link if you want to read a little about Clark on Michael Moore’s site.

Now to find out where I have to be on February 7th to vote in the primaries.

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  2. I have NO idea what that had to do with voting in the primaries, but you just keep shining on you crazy diamond.

  3. Thank you. I preach the gospel of voting. For a candidate, against another candidate, just because you like their name. It doesn’t matter why, it only matters that you do it. I’ve voted in every election since I was 18, and I mean EVERY. I vote for zoning council members, fire board members, transportation board members, city and county commissioners, mayors, senators, representatives at the state and local levels. If you don’t participate in the greatest civil right we have as Americans, then don’t complain if the other rights start getting eroded. Your vote doesn’t matter only if you don’t cast it.

  4. You know what’s sad… my father is card carrying republican (but isn’t fond of Bush).  He convinced me to register Republican when I turned 18 and I’ve never changed that in my record despite the fact that I am more of an independent voter.  Is it too late to change for primaries?

  5. Although I’m very much an outsider here, what with being a Brit whose never been to the US, based on my observations, Clark and Dean both appear to be very good candidates. Which one I’d vote for is very much a decision I wouldn’t like to make, based on the fact that they both have policies that I don’t like. That said, the vast majority of what they have to say is good and I certainly hope that the US will enter 2005 with Dubya out of power.

  6. As an outsider, (canadian) I have an intuitive trust in Clark.
    I’d feel SO much better with him in the oval office. 
    Just my $0.02.
    noneya_biatch…wtf? too much coffee with your sugar?

  7. As another outsider (Oz), your vote affects many, many more people than in the U.S. May you all consider wisely and I hope you end up with a better President.
    Now we should be having an election this year, too…oh for a chance to be rid of PM John “Gollum” Howard…he plays dirty - last time around, he won on the strength of rabid hysteria against asylum seekers. Grrrrr!

  8. Well, for all the “outsiders” here all I can say is that out of everyone I know personally the only one I figured was probably going to vote for Bush surprised me today when she confided in me that she “is beginning to have a problem with his policies”. I think a lot of people are going to come around before election day, just some get there a little faster than others. Now the real problem is in getting their asses to the polling booths…

  9. Now to find out where I have to be on February 7th to vote in the primaries.

    You don’t even know where you vote?  Pathetic…

  10. You are an ass Phark.

    Have you ever voted in the primaries? No, of course you haven’t or you would not have said anything so obtuse thus demonstrating your clear lack of understanding. Of course I know where my voting precinct is but that is where you go to vote in ELECTIONS, say for a president or congressman…this is a CAUCUS where a party goes to elect delegates and voice their support for one of the candidates the party will eventually endorse as the candidate for office (grossly generalized for your lack of comprehension). I don’t expect you to understand the difference so I don’t expect you to understand that it will not take place in the precinct house where I normally go to vote. Next time before you go cracking off about things you know nothing about run a google search, dillhole.

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