Things To Do Real Soon Now.

They say making a list helps in organization. It’s never worked in the past for me, but I’ll try it again:

  1. Update my blogroll. There are a shitload of new folks linking to SEB that I’ve stumbled across that I enjoy quite a bit, but haven’t added to my blogroll yet. Plus I need to clean out some of the dead links and sites I don’t really read much anymore.
  2. Actually get around to designing all the layouts I had intended to do over Christmas vacation.
  3. Take that stupid dead car battery sitting in my trunk back to Murray’s so I can get my $7 deposit back.
  4. Finish the latest short story I started writing two days ago.
  5. Win the lottery (this one never seems to come off my list).
  6. Finishing writing up that tutorial on how to post pictures to a MT blog I was working on for my Mom.
  7. Make an appointment with H&R to do my taxes.
  8. Write a book about… something (a recent development, also unlikely to ever leave this list).
  9. Finish my 100 Things About Me list which I started back in June of last year and never got past 30 items on.
  10. Finish working on the business cards I was making for my side business.
  11. Sit down and outline some of the bigger blog entries I want to write on issues with regards to skepticism and such so I can actually write something about them.
  12. Find a new job.

OK, that’s enough for now. Amazing how much of an accomplishment just making a list feels like.

4 thoughts on “Things To Do Real Soon Now.

  1. Wow, your list eerily looks a lot like mine.

    I look forward to the entries on skepticism.  Out of curiosity, are you a Shermer fan?

  2. I have attempted the list thingy as well to help with organization.. I think the key is to continuely look back at it making sure things are getting checked off. That is where I always fail.

  3. Lists help if posted in a place where you MUST view it regularly… If your not the type to reference your daily planner or at the wall calendar… Well, even if you always remember to keep it updated doesn’t mean you won’t miss or be late for appointments:-)  Too bad you can’t program your Palm to beep at you twice a day and then flash the list at you each time.  You’d at least view the list twice a day if you could accomplish this task.  And looking at a list twice in day is a minimum if one is to accomplish anything in it. I’m not trying to discourage anyone… There is goodness in just writing a list as well.  It is an exercise in concentration, prioritizing, focusing one’s mind… And gaining experience with such efforts is never wasted effort.  Even if it doesn’t lead to accomplishing all or most of the tasks on list by viewing the list regularly after written.

  4. My wife distinguishes between things to do real soon now, which tend to get done, and things to do real-soon-now, which never get done.

    Back when she was going to science fiction cons, RSN always had the hyphens.

    Your list seems to be a mix of both R S N and R-S-N.

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