The Mega Millions Lottery Saga

So remember that multi-state Mega Millions lottery jackpot back around New Years Eve for $162 million that someone other than me won? Seems the ticket was sold to someone in South Euclid, Ohio. Yesterday a woman named Elecia Battle of Cleveland claimed she was the person who purchased the winning ticket, but she dropped her purse in the parking lot and lost the ticket so she filed a police report trying to lay claim to the missing ticket.

Now a woman by the name of Rebecca Jemison of South Euclid has stepped forward with the winning ticket and claimed the jackpot. Jemison claims she waited so long before coming forward because she’s been working with a lawyer and an accountant in preparation of claiming the money. Naturally Battle is still claiming the ticket is hers and she plans on filing a lawsuit to reclaim the jackpot. The Battles have already filed a restraining order to try and prevent the Ohio Lottery from turning over the winnings to the Jemisons.

The police are saying that whoever holds the ticket gets the cash, but Battle’s lawyers believe she has a shot of winning the lawsuit. Up for grabs is a cool $67 million dollars after taxes in a lump-sum payment.

Personally, I think they should just give me the money as money is the root of all evil and I’m already evil so it can’t harm me whereas it’s already corrupting these otherwise upstanding members of the Ohio community.

8 thoughts on “The Mega Millions Lottery Saga

  1. Yipes. $167 million = $65+ after taxes? One more in an endless list of reasons to live in Canada. No taxes on winnings.

  2. After taxes if you take it as a “lump sum.”  Taking the jackpot as a lump sum reduces it to $95 million and then after taxes are taken out of that it’s $65 or so. Had she accepted the payout over 33 years or whatever the hell it is then she’d get $162 million minus taxes…

  3. Ooh, but it appears that Mrs. “Battle” isn’t really who she claims to be. She allegedly has a rap sheet as long as all of our arms, with many aliases, and has been up on fraud charges.  Hmmm…under those circumstances, I’m not sure I would actually want my face on TV,:paperbag: but then again, I apparently don’t have the proper mindset. 

    I think if I had been one of those good samaritans attempting to help her find that ticket in the debris I’d be just a little po’d :disbelief: right now!

  4. Congratulations to the police who took Battle’s statement, and all the others who believed her, for proving themselves to be class A gullible fools:

    “Elecia Battle … admitted yesterday that she lied about losing that $162 million lottery ticket …”

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