Spongmonkeys Quiznos ad?!

Most of you have probably already seen the Spongmonkeys flash animation by now. The one where they sing about how they love the moon? Remember that? It’s another one of those animations that’s so stunningly crappy that you just have to love it. If you’re a “hep” Internet dude, like me, who’s got his pulse on all the cool crappy flash animations that come and go then you’ve probably shown it to everyone you know would be horrified by it a long time ago. If you’re not “hep” like me then go check it out so you’ll have a frame of reference.

Back? OK, now here’s something I thought I’d never see. I was checking in at the Blues News video game website which has a little corner ad up at the top of the page that I usually actively ignore when out of the corner of my eye I notice the current ad for Quiznos subs has the Spongmonkeys in it! They’re bouncing back and forth in that way that they do and egging me to click on one or the other of them and I’m so stunned that I do at which point they break out in a rendition of their “we love the moon” song. Only instead of “moon” they’re singing about “subs.” It’s only a few moments long and then it launches you to a site where you can print out a “qpon” good for a buck off one of their subs that not only features the Spongmonkeys popping up as you mouse over various buttons, but offers a Spongmonkeys screen saver which replays the ad for the amusement of your office coworkers while advertising Quiznos. I can’t figure out how to link to the ad itself so you’ll have to either go to Blue’s News and hit reload a lot or download the screen saver if you want to see it.

I couldn’t believe it. The Spongmonkeys have sold out to the corporate advertising world. More importantly some guys who came up with a really crappy song and flash animation to match it have somehow managed to land an ad deal with a major chain of sub shops.

That cinches it. I’ve have got to have Eric teach me how to work in Flash, but not so well that I put out animations better than the Spongmonkeys. Crappy is key it would seem, and it also requires the least amount of effort. Then I’ll hit Hairboy up for a crappy song as he has lots of funny voices he can do including one that sounds a lot like the Spongmonkeys. But not TOO close. Then I’ll just sit back and wait for the licensing offers to roll in. Easy money!

112 thoughts on “Spongmonkeys Quiznos ad?!

  1. Well, do also take into account that the people who made the animations have also done VH1 with their cats..

  2. Damn, I’ve been Farked! Do I have to make some sort of speech now?

    OK, so the guys behind the Spongmonkeys have also done VH1, which means they’re probably more professional (or at least more connected) than their animation makes them seem. I can handle with that setback. Hairboy, Eric and I will just have to be that much more crappy and weird with whatever we come up with to compensate for the lack of connections we have. We can do that. We’re pretty good at being crappy and weird…

  3. Reading the Farker comments is rather amusing. I particularly liked someone calling themselves “Macker” and the comment of “nazi germany called…. they want their beard back…” They are the first person to ever associate my beard with another country (let alone with a former evil world power) and, yeah, I can see how they’d say that. Usually the comment made is about being Amish, Jewish, a terrorist, a biker or the missing ZZ Top member.

    Couple of folks seem to have missed my attempts at silly sarcasm in the entry itself, but that’s OK as this is probably the only entry they’ve ever read. I’m not at all upset that the Spongmonkeys sold out simply as I’d love to have something popular enough like that so that I could sell it out. What could be better than turning something you were doing for the hell of it into a couple of bucks? Anyway, the comments over there are pretty amusing so go check them out.

  4. You do not understand the creative genius that lurks behind the ads, to be in tune with the spirit of the thing you have to understand that the connection IS the thing You need to be able to let your mind wander away from the idea of being “professional” and so able to view the worls differently. Maybe we dont all agree with the spong monkeys’ messsage but they sing a hell of a good tune and they are better that the bland crap everywhere else!! hats off to their genius!

  5. I just saw the ad on tv earlier. My mother mentioned that when she was through with being freaked out by the commercial that she just thought it was stupid. Then again, she isn’t a part of the 18-34 year old target demographic the commercial was aimed at.


  6. I’m on the edge of the “target age group” Quiznos is aiming at with this ad. I think it is the worst commercial Ive ever seen. Who wants to eat a sub that you associate with a dead rat looking animation? There is NO genius involved here at all, just an attempt to do something that has not been done before….well, guess what? Some things are better left undone.

  7. I still haven’t seen the ad on local TV so it appears they’re limiting the areas they’re showing it in. Quiznos wants to stand out from the rest of the sub chains and this ad certainly helps them to do that, but I also wonder who would want to eat a sub after watching the Spongmonkeys.

  8. I have practically lost sleep over these “spongmonkey” commercials.  I thought about them in the shower, when I am brushing my teeth, ugh, all the time.  I couldn’t figure out what those fucking things were supposed to be!  I wouldn’t buy because of the singing dead freak rats, but I can’t get it out of my head, and still run in the room to stare in disbelief.  Hopefully now that I know they are “spongmonkeys” I will stop running to the tv to watch them.

  9. I have seen the ad several times and it freaked me out!  What the hell are those things!  My 2 year old son was watching TV with me and you should have seen his face when it came on!  Is that what they are called…Spongmonkeys?  They look like mutated rats!  Sick!  I won’t go to Quizno’s now, as I am scared that I wil find one of those sick things in my sandwich!

  10. I love those mutated, dead rat looking, bad singing, ugly little critters.  I also run to the TV everytime I hear them singing and think about them all the time.  I’m trying to find out how I can get a poster of those little things for my home.  And for all you students of demographics, I don’t fit the 18-34 year old demographic target.

  11. Thank god I found you!  Every night we’ve tried to figure out what those things were!  My husband thought they were stomachs!  Once again, I can sleep…thank you!

  12. The commercial sucks!  The “spongmonkeys” suck too.  I gotta give the animator props that he/she was able to market that crap and make a buck or two.  I gotta give Quizno’s a big thumbs down though.  I loved the man suckling from the wolf ad, but the “spongmonkeys” make me want to not buy a sub from them.

  13. Spongemonkeys or whatever.  I couldn’t decide if they were ovarian cysts or colon polyps.  Gross either way - you won’t catch me at Quiznos.  That commercial is just assanine.  I turn the channel when it comes on.

  14. Disgusting, “Spongemonkey”??? How ‘bout a rat with gnarly teeth and a aggravating voice. The whole family dives for the remote to change the channel, then we go to Subway for a bite to eat.

  15. Long live the Spongmonkeys!! As a close relative (SpoogeMonkeys’ are a more developed variant of SpongMonkeys) I applaud their success. And unless you actually find a dead rat in your sub, why wouldn’t you eat at Quizno’s, unless you don’t like their food to begin with (which I don’t). It kinda reminds me of the days when the “Wheeeeeee” flash song was all the rage.

  16. Really sick image to relate to a place to eat. Rats come to mind..and stay there. What were they (the people at Quiznos) thinking. I’m suspect that they will lose more business then they will gain with this ad running.I did’t know that they were famous, but then is M. Jackson and both are disgusting.

  17. Personally I think that commercial is hallarious!!I love those little guys. I also think it is marketing genious. Viva La Quiznos!

  18. My husand and I love the commercial ( we thought they were hamsters).

    We are in our fifties!!

  19. I’m just relieved to find out that quiznos didn’t rip off someone’s idea, which is what I first thought when I saw the ad.

  20. While I find the vocals grating and the visuals disorienting I have to admit that I laugh like an idiot every time they sing the line “…they have a pepper bar”. Do they have a water list too?

  21. I first saw the commercial and was horrified, then after watching it a few more times I can’t get enough. Thank god I already loved quiznos though, or I might have problems.

    Genius, pure and simple.—Mike

  22. I don’t think I will be able to eat at Quiznos ever again after viewing the dead rat singing commercial. I can’t think of a more disgusting commercial in the history of television! It’s disturbing!

  23. I went to the trouble to find this link because I find the commerical discusting to the point I found another place to have lunch, and I have been going to the quiznos store in Eugene for some time.  It reminds me an old shaver commerical that showed people getting hurt by other shaver products. The problem is that people related the pain to the commerical and their sales dropped to an extent that they cancled the concept.  Even them it some time for the product to gain the public’s approval.

  24. I’d just like to set the record straight: those are bushbabies—NOT dead rats, not roadkill, not gerbils!  They are small, tree-dwelling, nocturnal monkeys of the African forest.

    And I, like they, love the subs.

  25. I stumbled across this site while doing a more thorough search for the definition of “Spongmonkey” as I have yet to find one…but I just wanted to say - the ad, as disturbing as it might be has INDEED caused a BUZZ and people are drawn to it like a moth to a flame…so, KUDOS to Quiznos for using it.  And the tune?  Catchy isn’t it? 

    We Love the Subs……….Any coupon will work!

  26. Bushbabies? I’m skeptical.  They certainly don’t look like anything found in nature to me.  They give me a creepy thrill and I’m becoming obsessed with them.  But I will never—NEVER—eat at Quizno’s.

    Beware of paper cuts!

  27. I have a new jingle for the Quisnos Spong Monkeys:

    Don’t eat at Quisnos ! Quisnos sucks !

    They serve you roadkill ! They make your stomach turn !

    Madison Ave at its worst !


  28. I was going to email Quiznos about this revolting commercial when I ran across this site. Interesting mix of reactions. But I still think they look like something my cat has left on my porch. And their teeth!!!! Personally, I think the boss’s son needed a job, so they had him do the singing. I certainly won’t eat there and intend to tell them why.

  29. I love this commercial.  About time someone did something a bit “out there”.  I find it very humourous and hope they continue their campaigns!

  30. I absolutely love the commercial!  I had no idea what those little things were at first (my wife thought they were rats), but the quirkiness of the ad really appealed to me.  I now have a deeper appreciation for the concept, having visited the creator’s web site.  I have never eaten at Quiznos before, but this commercial has inspired me to do so.

  31. I love Joel and his Spongmonkeys!!  He is awesome!  Yes, it’s kind of gross that these rat-looking creatures are now advertising subs in the US, but I never liked Quiznos anyways—at least now they have entertaining commercials.

  32. This is not the first time something like this has happened.

    Blockbuster Video once usedJared, Butcher of Song in one of its commercials. It’s a mostly-Mac thing but you can download the MP3 version and it’s just as cool.

    I mean, just as hideous. As in, even worse than the Spongemonkeys.

    I kid you not. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  33. To all the people bashing Quiznos: I don’t see what the big deal is over these characters. It’s a cartoon, or more accurately, computer animation. They aren’t real!

    Is it strange? Yes! But, you have to admit, IT GOT YOUR ATTENTION!

    In every way imaginable, good or bad, Quizno’s was successful in their marketing campaign. Because, the GENIUSES in their marketing department believe in the old saying: “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY!”

    Unless you’re Michael Jackson…but he isn’t pitching Quizno’s, now is he?

    Now that the commercial got your attention, it’s up to YOU to eat there. I admit, I absolutely LOVE Quizno’s subs! And I have way before these commercials came out. In my opinion, they are the best sub chain out there, and their sandwiches beat Subway hands down. 

    Look at it this way, Subway is a huge conglomerate. If you are Quizno’s, or any other sandwich chain trying to get a piece of the market, you will do whatever it takes to get noticed. And that’s what Quizno’s has done.

    In closing, anybody who is going to stop eating there after seeing a silly commercial has underlying mental problems.

  34. Chris, you’re dead-on. They have more than achieved the goals of any marketing campaign…you remember it, you know who the company is, and as a bonus, people are TALKING ABOUT. They should win an award.

    My husband was just bitching about the Quiznos commercials and I had to explain the same thing to him. If they have your mindshare (top of your mind) then they have SUCCEEDED.

    There is no such thing as bad publicity. Which is why I maintain the Janet Boob fiasco was planned down to the last detail, even the post-event reactions, statements, and most lawsuits or punishment actions.

    Old Navy is good at this too. Most obnoxious crap I’ve ever seen. The lady with glasses, the cheesy [everything]. But I know who they are and what they’re selling. And I remember them whenever I need a fleece sweatshirt. So, mission accomplished.

  35. My question about this commercial business (pun intended) would be this:

    Why on earth do we care enough to argue about a TELEVISION COMMERCIAL?  Are people really THAT annoyed by the voices?

    We’re just watching too much TV, man.

    And another thing:

    Why am I opposing the incredible volume of comments on this tiny story by adding a comment of my own??  And why am I still deliberately posting it after pointing something out that proves how stupid I am?

  36. And why am I saying point taken, Joshman? After all, I was one of the ones who spread the link around before the commercial and was thrilled to see those little guys come into their own.

    I guess I just love quirky.

  37. I hope this leads to a trend of more unusual commercials.  Perhaps all you people complaining would like to see more boring commercials with terrible actors claiming that they lost 50 lbs in 30 days?  Not me.  Hats off to creative commercials!

  38. I think it’s funny that people are grossed out about something they can’t even classify, but yet they go to SubWay even after seeing fat-ass Jarrod mangle a sub and perform gluteal assault on their booths. To all those people complaining about “those rat things”, I say go to Rathergood.com and get a clue. It was meant to freak you out, silly! And it worked! Personally, I like Sobiks Subs better, or even SubWay, but I don’t let a commercial affect which one I eat. That’s just plain dumb.

    Now if they can just find a way to get that Star Wars kid in a commercial….

  39. To all the people saying they will never eat Quizno’s because of this commerical: LIGHTEN UP!!

    Its not offensive, degrading, violent or shocking. Its just…..strange, that’s all. Life’s too short to get upset over such trivial things. Besides, you wouldn’t be here reading all these comments if you weren’t interested in the first place.

  40. we thought that Spongemonkeys (SP?) were sort of underground so we were surprised to see a commercial- so what? they are funny and it’s more entertaining to laugh at them than to watch Britney Spears in a Pepsi ad…

  41. Spongmonkeys forever!

    … I can’t stop singing it… “They are warm because they toast them!”

    *stabs brain out*

    Must… find… Quizno’s…

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