Small problem with the comment subscriptions.

As I mentioned in the thread the other day where I announced we now have a subscribe to comments function there is an issue about the state your browser is left in after submitting a comment. The reason for this is in how the script works. Most comment notification scripts for MT require you to modify part of the MT code in order to work properly. Oscar’s script attempts to avoid this by substituting itself in front of the script normally called when comments are submitted. It ends up submitting the comment to the MT routine and then calling itself again as there’s no easy way to tell when MT is done building the comment. It checks to see if the comment went through OK and if it did then it processes the subscription request (if any).

To get this to work in all browsers Oscar had to use either a popup window or a frame and he went with the frame. The problem is he hasn’t figured out yet how to get the script to break out of the frame it’s made after it’s done doing its thing. He’s working on it, though, and hopes to have it fixed soon. In the meantime I think the advantages of the script outweigh the annoyance for the moment and all the other solutions I’ve seen require hacking the code which, with version 3.0 due soon, I’d rather not do. If it looks like a fix isn’t likely soon then I’ll take the script back out or consider changing to one of the hacked versions, but for the moment I’m asking folks to bear with us. I’ll be modifying the links generated on the individual entry pages so they will break out of the frame when you click them which should help to offset this problem a little, but you’ll still need to be careful about hitting reload on those pages for the time being as the frame will try to resubmit your comment. Hopefully this is one of the new features to be found in MT 3.0 and this will be a moot point.

UPDATE: Alas, I’ve removed the script for the time being. It seemed to be choking on one of my typically long-winded replies and I’m not that likely to abandon being long-winded anytime soon so I yanked the script. It is a feature I’d like to have, however, so I’ll continue to investigate how it might be done without hacking the hell out of MT.

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  1. Thanks Les! In fact, I’d be working on it right now if I weren’t blog-surfing. Wunna these days I’m going to hit on the Holy Grail of this and find a way to detect the action of mt-comments from within the subscription script. We shall see … hopefully our sub-zero temperatures today will keep real work at bay so I can plug away at this …

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