Sittin’ around not really doing anything.

That pretty much sums up the last couple of days for me. Been trying to soak up the joy of being lazy for the last two days before I have to return to work tomorrow. Haven’t been out of bed before noon and what little brain activity I have allowed has consisted mainly of game playing.

I have been making the rounds of some of my favorite blogs and I notice a lot of folks doing these “Year 2003 in Review” type things and a lot of them are pretty good or at least amusing. I won’t be doing one of those myself, but have enjoyed the ones I’ve read so far. There have been a few things I wanted to mention, but haven’t had enough functioning brain cells to do up entries on them so I’ll list them in the handy bulleted-list format.

  • First, congratulations to NASA for successfully landing their most recent probe on Mars without losing it or breaking it in the process. Considering some of the past failures and the fact that even the British are having a hard time with getting a probe to the surface in one piece this is quite the accomplishment.
  • Looks like Britney Spears has gotten married over New Years only to file for an annulment the next day. To me, this shows she’s a smarter woman than a lot of folks give her credit for. Rather than take the traditional route most big stars do and wait several days before filing for a bitter and very public divorce she got the whole experience done and over with within a few short hours while she and her new-husband-now-ex-husband were still on good speaking terms.
  • Starting Monday most of the major airports around the country will begin assuming that any foreigners coming into the country are criminals and fingerprint them all under a new program being mandated by the government. Once again demonstrating to outsiders how little we value the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” that was once our basis of law.
  • And, finally, my New Year isn’t off to a very good start as my car has decided as of last Friday that the weekend before returning to work would be a good time to develop a problem with its battery.

Friday morning when we left to visit friends in Davison the car sounded like the battery had been drained somewhat when I started it. When we went to leave for home some 8 hours later it almost didn’t turn over. I know it’s not the alternator as the car ran fine once it was started. Something’s draining the battery and I haven’t a clue as to what. When I got home on Friday and shut it off I immediately tried to start it again and it worked just fine. Come Saturday it was too drained to start. I’ll have to check with the auto body shop that did the repairs as I thought they had replaced the battery when they fixed the car. Oh well.

1 thought on “Sittin’ around not really doing anything.

  1. Hi!

    Just skirting work this late hour (well, I worked a lot already, so I gave myself a break), reading the web, finding your site.

    Anyway, just my two cents worth on that finger-printing thing. I’m from Europe, and I don’t think I’d mind it all that much. I can understand a nation wanting to know who’s going in or out. Heck, we are doing it as well as we can here in ‘Fortress Europe’ too. Only I don’t see much sense in the way its handled. Either check everyone or no one. And don’t leave land borders open or you just might not bother as well for the really dangerous people…

    Gee, I really should be spending my time on more important things than that But I like your style, I’ll be back.


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