She sure has a lot of tech for an old lady.

Went up to Momma’s house on Saturday afternoon to take care of some lingering tech issues she was having. That made for a busy day or so.  Ended up swapping out her PC’s hard drive for a bigger and faster model seeing as she has a new digital camera from Christmas and one of the things she wanted to learn was how to move the pics to her PC. Which, of course, meant she wanted to learn how to post them on her blog which is a bit more involved. Still, she took lots of notes and should be bombarding you with pictures of random objects in short order. Got Dad’s diabetes website working again so he can track his sugar levels properly. Hooked their old tape deck up to their Bose wave radio.

And, finally, set Mom up with a Blogrolling account. She’s been getting more into blogging and was having trouble thinking of things to write about so I showed her some of the other bloggers who don’t write about anything in particular (**cough**Buzz**cough**) for a bit of inspiration. She hopes to be inspired to write more stuff and was talking about how my sister Cindy gets email from readers all the time asking questions and how that would help. I pointed out that she doesn’t have her email address posted on her blog, which would probably help in getting folks to send her email. So I’ll be adding her email address to her blog for her so all you people who want to know why I turned out the horrible way that I have can send her email asking about it.  That made for a busy weekend.

5 thoughts on “She sure has a lot of tech for an old lady.

  1. Whaddya mean I don’t write about anything in particular?  I totally write about, ummm, well, my theme, of sorts, is, ummm, errrr, well…..Damn, you’re right!  I don’t write about anything in particular.  Just whatever tickles me at the moment, I suppose.

    Good luck, Mom!!

  2. I’m really sorry - when I first read that first sentence I saw it as “take care of some lingerie tech issues she was having”.

  3. Neil T.  At my age the only lingerie problems I have is keeping the white cotton white and washing out the racing stripe!!

  4. Oops - there must be something hidden in your text as I also saw the first sentence like Neil -with lingerie )

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