Seventh annual “Wired News Vaporware Awards” out.

I’m sticking this one in the video game category for the simple reason that it has mostly video games on the list.

The seventh annual Wired News Vaporware Awards list is up at their site. Instead of allowing the now infamous Duke Nukem Forever (currently in its sixth year of development) to claim top honors for the third year in a row they created a special “Lifetime Achievement Award” and made DNF the first winner of this dubious honor.

Other interesting winners included SCO for their still unrevealed UNIX code they claim is in Linux that justifies their attempt to extortcollect license fees from Linux users and George W. Bush’s still-to-be-found Weapons of Mass Distraction… err…  Destruction.

Wanna know who the winner was? Go read the article.

1 thought on “Seventh annual “Wired News Vaporware Awards” out.

  1. Six years ago my sister was going to get me Duke Nukem Forever for a xmas present.  The release was pushed back so she printed up a little certificate that said she would by me DNF when it was released after xmas.  She still checks every year and I’m still waiting…

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