Re-release of PS2 “Tiny Bee” controllers.

Bang bang! You're dead!Looks like I’ve got a video game theme going today.

One of the wish list items I received this Christmas was a copy of the first official sequel to a Final Fantasy game ever done, namely Final Fantasy X-2. Back when this game was released in Japan a company called Hori released a custom controller for the PS2 (pictured at the right) to play the game with that looked like the twin guns the character Yuna uses in the game. Despite being pistols they reportedly managed to squeeze all the functions of a standard dual-shock controller into the palms of both of your hands and the game is fully playable using them.

How friggin’ cool is that?

Being such a niche product there was a limited production run the first time around. Now with the release of an expanded version of the game in Japan, Hori plans to do another production run of the controllers. Game importer National Console Support, Inc. plans to make some available to North American gamers who pre-order them:

Players who missed out on the first production of Yuna’s Tiny Bee controller will get another chance to obtain one come February 19, 2004. Hori plans another release to coincide with FFX-2 International   Last Mission and will only produce enough to fill preorders. Mounted on a pedestal, the Tiny Bee mimics all of the functions of a standard Dual Shock 2 controller with the two guns appropriating the actions of the left and right sides of the Dual Shock pad. When its time to blast away, squeeze the triggers on the two guns to dispatch foes from this virtual coil. Priced at Y12,980 or approximately US$195 from NCS, preorders will ship on February 19 or thereabouts.

Ouch! The price pretty much ensures I won’t be buying a set of these for myself as much as it appeals to my gadget-geeky nature, but if you’re a rabid FFX-2 fan with cash to burn then these would be the ultimate accessory.

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