Putting yourself into the game, literally.

Looks like Sony plans to capitalize on the popularity of its EyeToy peripheral for the PS2. The add-on has sold surprisingly well, particularly in Europe, considering that it doesn’t really have a lot in the way of games that support it yet. Currently all it has are the various mini-games that it ships with that allow you to whap at on-screen enemies with your hands and generally make you look like an idiot gyrating in front of the TV set.

Sony hopes to add a little more value to the novelty of the EyeToy by partnering with the folks at Digimask to allow gamers to create 3D models of their heads for use in upcoming games.

gamesindustry.biz – Development section

The deal will see Digimask providing the technology to allow gamers to take a couple of snaps of their own head with EyeToy and have them magically remodeled into a fully animated 3D head for use in compatible video games.

The Digimask technique has been around for a while, but this is the first time it’s been put to use in such a way, and it could help push EyeToy even further into the sales stratosphere – it’s already notched up more than 2.4 million units worldwide.

With gamers able to save their 3D heads to a memory card, it won’t be long, Sony says, before developers start supporting custom noggins – allowing players to put their own face onto a player in a football game, or to fight against digital reproductions of their friends in online games of SOCOM.

Although the technology is obviously not backwards compatible with existing products, Sony claims to have several titles in development that will take advantage of it, the first of which could be launched in July.

There is some concern that some people will make use this technology for evil purposes by taking pics of other body parts, but Sony doesn’t seem to be too concerned with this possibility. Invariably someone will try and it’ll be interesting to see what safeguards Sony has in place to help ensure such abuses are short-lived if not avoided altogether.

Still, the idea is an appealing one especially considering the popularity of the “make your own player” function common in so many sports titles.

2 thoughts on “Putting yourself into the game, literally.

  1. Online games are already filled with infantile people. I wander how they plan to combat the influx of literal dick-heads.

  2. I don’t get the appeal of this.  Whoopdeedoo, I can pay Sony to do the digital equivalent of staring in the mirror.

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