Proposal for a T-Shirt design.

One of the things that makes my sister a wonderful person who’s always interesting to talk to is her habit of telling it like it is. Needless to say this habit of hers doesn’t endear her to everyone and after reading about a bit of email she got from an irate mother over something Cindy wrote I felt compelled to come up with a possible t-shirt for her and fans of her blog. So here it is, my idea for an official “Cindyisms” t-shirt:

Click for a bigger version!

9 thoughts on “Proposal for a T-Shirt design.

  1. I’m still waiting for the “SEB: Boldly Asking The Questions The Christians Won’t” t-shirt.

    Or the “SEB: I Finally Succumbed To The Baptism Gilt-Trip And I Didn’t Get Saved! In Fact, All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” t-shirt.

    Or even a ” SEB: Actually, God Wanted A Girl! That’s Why Jesus Dressed Like One” t-shirt.

    Something…boxers? Socks? Bandanna? T-Bag? Anything!

  2. I hadn’t considered those slogans before. I am planning on updating the t-shirts I currently offer to match the new logo and add the tagline of “What the fuck…”

    But now that you mention it, I could use some ideas for good SEB t-shirts.

  3. I highly suspect your sister and I would get along famously.

    Oh, for your shirt, how about borring from an old favorite: “No one expects the Stupid Evil Bastard!”.

    Although you’re “What the fuck is wrong…” is quite perfect and I would love one in a sparkly tank top. With a shelf bra, I can’t pull off that cute exposed-strap look. I just look like white trash. Maybe a bit much to ask, but since you’re looking for ideas….

    To all concerned, remember us smart-ass chics that like to wear funny things, but don’t do tshirts. Love a spaghetti strap tank top.

    (and may actually be available, but the link doesn’t seem to be working for me).

  4. Yeah, MT is filtering out my link in the comment for some reason. The link to the Cafe Press shop is at the bottom of the left-hand side navigation area and that link does work.

  5. How about: The Bush Administration: We Can Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Saudis’ Ear - Literally.

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