Oh my goodness!

You’re never going to believe this and you’ll be SHOCKED! Yes, SHOCKED! To find out what I just found out about my own blog thanks to an email from an alert and concerned reader!

My blog has… **GASP!***  NAUGHTY WORDS ON IT!!!!

OMFG! How can that BE?!?! I never even realized it before! Oh! This is SO embarrassing!

OK, which one of you guys did this?!? It’s just gotta be a prank one of you pulled on me, right?!?

10 thoughts on “Oh my goodness!

  1. No fucking way?  Naughty words on your site?  I am shocked and dismayed.  It’s just too bloody bizarre.  How could that sort of shit happen to you?

  2. How could somebody say something like that? As
    Owner of the blog, I’m sure we can trust you, to find the obsenities that
    Lowlifes try to post here, and edit it out for us. And of course,
    You’d never use such words yourself.

    Speaking as a long-time reader, I know that your opinions are often confrontational, but
    Honestly, claims that you or others resort to profanity? Even subtley?
    It isn’t fair…a fine, upstanding sitemaster like you, taking such abuse.
    Truly, truly shocking

  3. Oh my stars. Naughty words here at SEB?

    Pray, gentle soul, thou art shitting me.

    English: sometimes, the right word is just the right fucking word.

  4. I’m as shocked and in as much awe as you, Les.
    How could this happen?
    What was their first clue? The tagline?!
    Mmm, was it.. SATAN?!

  5. Dear Sir, after reading the filthy words contained in your website, I have:
    attempted to assassinate a President, committed adultery with a goat and purchased a novel by Charles Chricton.
    I hold you personally responsible for all these acts of insanity and my spelling errors brought upon by exposure to the obscenity contained here!
    You sir are the embodiment of evil :devil:

  6. J1, that was very clever. It’ll be interesting to see how many people catch it.

    Caz, took me a moment to figure yours out as well. I was thinking to myself “I don’t ever use Army-style talk on here.”

    Greg, I don’t think Satan exists, but in this case I think he’d make a handy scapegoat so, yeah, it was his fault!

    Tish, I can understand the first two errors of judgment, but buying a novel by Charles Chricton is going too far. Also I reserve my rights as an American citizen to avoid my responsibility in your downfall by blaming everyone else around me and filing multiple lawsuits.

  7. It’s hard to get a Dana Carvey “church lady” impression to come across the interweb. The fact that somebody emailed you about the foul, contemptable language that is rampant on your blog is hilarious.

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