New comment spam record.

I must say that I’m very happy that I’m running Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin here at SEB. I woke to find that some asshole had spammed a single entry in my blog repeatedly for a grand total of 103 comments that all said “interesting” and had a smilie face and a link to their DVD copying software. This wouldn’t have been as much of a pain to cleanup as it would’ve been had they spammed 103 separate entries, but the plugin still made my life easier and insures that I won’t have to worry about that particular URL showing up in my comments again. And now a word to the asshole spammers who keep doing this shit:

Fuck off. Your lazy-assed method of gaining page rank isn’t welcomed here nor will it work here. Your links won’t last long enough to improve your page rank so there’s no point in trying. I will track down the origin of your spams and I will complain to your ISPs. Piss off.

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  1. You know, I really have to thank you.  I learned about MT-Blacklist from your site, and it made removing my very first comment spam today very easy.

    Just one more reason to be glad to be reading this blog!

  2. I held off from MT-Blacklist for a while, but now I am protected by it regularly.  Some of the stuff Jay has working for subsequent versions sounds pretty good, too.

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Sam. I’m glad to hear that my blog is good for more than just my random bitching about stuff. I try to balance things out with some links to things people might find useful and some humor so it’s good to hear it balances things out.

    ***Dave, you know I recommended it highly to you on your own site. It does currently interfere with the comment throttling the current version of MT has introduced, but Jay hopes to have that worked out shortly. Honestly, the benefit it provides in blocking spam comments makes up for the minor incomparability issue it has. Every time I look at MT’s activity log and see blocked comments due to spam content my heart jumps for joy.

  4. Apparently the spammers have realized that a comment is equivalent to alink back to their site from your site, as far as Google is concerned.

    This spam moves them up in Google. They’re not even to concerned if the actual spam doesn’t generate any leads directly.

  5. I have yet to receive a massive spam attack, but I get at least one comment spam per day that slips past MT-Blacklist. I just wonder how some assholes live with themselves …

  6. Les, I, too, get that little frisson of blacklisting joy from the Activity Log.  I also get it from submitting new comments to the Jay list, and zapping the stuff from my blog.

    Indeed, most of my comment spam comes on a now-cancelled meme I used to run.  I sort of use it as a honey pot to suck the spammers in, so that I can report their stuff and blow it away.  I monitor my comments closely, so it’s not a real problem.

  7. I guess I have been fortunate… I only get about 1 a week. However, I don’t understand why they even bother doing it. Don’t they realize that people have posted comments e-mailed back to them so that they know a comment has been posted? I usually know about the spam within a couple of hours of it’s posting unless I’m sleeping…

    I guess there are sites that don’t have MT send e-mail for each comment, since they get hundreds of comments a post… Namely: Wil Wheaton. However, most of us (I would assume) have the e-mail thing turned on.

    I don’t get it…

  8. They’re hoping that most bloggers won’t care enough to bother deleting the comments. Whether that’s true is hard to say. In general most bloggers seem to be at least semi-computer literate and thus more likely (in my mind at least) to police the comments left on their blogs, but perhaps there’s enough lazy people out there to make it worth the spammer’s effort.

  9. There are a number of abandoned blogs that become targets for this spam.

    Les - you may like to search for a Python script called FloodMT - this may well have been what you were hit by. Phil Ringnalda has a list of proxy servers which more clueless comment spammers use - you may like to do something with that.

  10. Neil, thanks for the heads up on FloodMT. I don’t think that’s what I was hit with as all the from this morning were exactly the same (no randomization) and appeared to be standard comment spam.

    FloodMT is part of an entirely new problem on the horizon that’s being called “crapflooding” and I’m not entirely sure if it can be completely defended against. Learning about this has inspired a new blog post so I won’t comment on it more here.

  11. What I find despicable is that somebody actually took the time to WRITE FloodMT and tries to pass it off as a legit tool: “the first integrated solution for testing Movable Type blogs for working anti-spamming features. It can also be used to check the effectiveness of plugins such as MT-Blacklist and ClearComments.”
    And it looks like other people aren’t happy with them either (scroll down to the ‘authors’ section)

  12. Is it wrong to say



    (Man! I’m just a funny guy. I bet no-one thought to make this joke. :: Slinks back off into corner ::)

    By the way… Wanna buy some DVD copying software? heh heh heh

  13. I’ve had the same thing happen to my blog by a moron from Brazil.  I checked him out and he is running what “looks” like several legit sites but they are really SCAMs (according to several people theat have been scammed by them).

    This crook goes by varios domain names as vipfilmes videosgls vendasvip maioresinformacoes informacoesonline glsfilmes festinhasbrasil colinread business-br (I removed the http:// and .com so that it does not improves their google rating).  I also am hoping that a potential customer sees this comment
    and avoids getting scammed by them.

    Just had a great idea: could it be possible to “Blog” spammers out of existance ?  Actually, this is not a new idea.  Ebay has been allowing people to make comments about their sellers for

  14. Complaining to ISPs actually works!
    Use and (both free) to get ISP info.

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