MT-Notifier now ready for use.

Chad Everett dropped me a note today reminding me that he also has a comment subscription plugin for MovableType that I could take a look at seeing as Oscar’s wasn’t working out for me. Chad’s version does require some hacking of the MT source code, but it’s very minimal. Plus if you run MT-Blacklist (which I do) then you don’t have to hack the MT Code directly at all as the change is made to part of MT-Blacklist instead.

Needless to say, this made it much more attractive. So, as of about a minute or so ago I completed the relatively pain-free install of MT-Notifier and we once again have an option to subscribe to comments here at SEB. You can either subscribe when you post a comment or put in an email address and subscribe without commenting. I just need to rebuild the current individual archive pages so the forms will show up on all the pages and we’ll be all set.  So, if you’ve wanted a way to be notified whenever someone comments on a particular entry here at SEB you now (for the second time) have a way of doing so.

Thanks to Chad for pointing out how simple his hack was and removing my wussiness at trying out his plugin.

6 thoughts on “MT-Notifier now ready for use.

  1. Wow, you got assistance from Chad Everett. He was on “Medical Center” for forever, wasn’t he? I thought the name sounded vaguely familiar, did a name search and found out he was on that show from 1969 to 1976. My aunt had a crush on him like you wouldn’t believe.
    I hate to ask this, but since you know him, will you ask him if he’d like to meet her. She’s pretty old now, but, hell, so is he. If I hook her up with him, she might put me in a certain legal document. Let’s just say either she will, or she won’t.
    And some people think these big Hollywood types are too into themselves to care about others.
    You and Chad proved ‘em wrong. You proved ‘em wrong. Yes in deedeleey do!
    Gosh, maybe he’ll even read this.

  2. I’m not sure Brock, but I’ll ask him. He’s seems like a really friendly guy so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d be willing to talk to your Aunt. He has his own blog as well. It’s called Don’t Back Down and I linked to it in my entry. Perhaps you could send the link to your Aunt?

  3. Uh….I was kidding. I doubt it’s the same guy. I mean, the actor Chad Everett. I almost hope it isn’t, because I called him old.
    If it is, my aunts gonna kill me!

    My aunt doesn’t know what a link is, unless you can eat it with eggs for breakfast! How the hell does Chad Everett even know what a link is? He’s an actor for cripe’s sake, and an old one, at that!
    If it’s the same guy, tell him you don’t know who I am!….Wait!…But, if it is, I’ll teach my aunt to use a computer….Oooh… They might even get married and, then, I’ll be too special for this site.
    What if it really is him….I gotta think about this…

    Still, he seems like an awfully nice guy, even if he isn’t the Chad Everett.

  4. I figured you were joking, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Hey, if you’re Aunt’s really old then we could have him call her up and pretend to be the Chad Everett and she probably won’t know the difference and it’s not like he’s technically lying being that he is Chad Everett. That would work, wouldn’t it? Or does it just sound like a bad plot to an old sitcom?

  5. Actually, it sounds like a bad plot to a new sitcom! But I’m game if you are! I once called her at Thanksgiving and pretended I was a radio station DJ, and she had won 500 frozen turkeys, but that she would need to pick them up right away or they would thaw.
    I mean, she had a freezer, but it wasn’t that big!

    I don’t even think we need Chad Everett to fool her.

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