Mr. Bean as mortal enemy of Harry Potter?

Rumor has it that British actor Rowan Atkinson, probably best known for his role as the comically inept Mr. Bean, is up for the role of the villanous Lord Voldemort, which would be quite the change from the usually endearing and goofy characters he normally portrays.

Mr Bean star set for Harry Potter role

Rowan Atkinson is rumoured to be playing wicked Lord Voldemort in the next Harry Potter film.

Lord Voldemort is the arch enemy of Harry Potter in the highly successful series of books. It will be the first time the character appears “in person” on the big screen.

The role would be a major boost for the Mr Bean actor who has recently been treated for depression in a 4,000-a-week clinic in the US.

His depression is said to have stemmed from the critical failure of his last film, Johnny English.

I think Rowan is an excellent actor above and beyond his Mr. Bean persona, but I have to admit that I had a hard time imagining him playing a character as nasty as the books make Voldemort out to be. The more I think about it, however, the more intrigued I am at seeing him take on the role. Assuming the rumor is true, that is.

UPDATE 1/9/04: Looks like this is just a rumor afterall…

    British comic Rowan Atkinson has slammed reports that he will take the role of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire as lies. The Mr. Bean star – who has recently received treatment for depression – was named by a number of credible sources as the frontrunner to play the evil character, who is the schoolboy wizard’s arch enemy. But his agent Janette Linden says, “There’s no truth whatsoever that Rowan will be in the next Harry Potter movie.” –

13 thoughts on “Mr. Bean as mortal enemy of Harry Potter?

  1. He played an evilish character in the Blackadder series, although admittedly not as evil as Lord Valdemort. Should be interesting nonetheless .

    Oh, by the way, at the weekend I nominated you for a Bloggie - after reading your previous post I’m not sure what you’d think. I think it was for ‘Best American blog’ or something.

  2. Very interesting news and a very interesting role for Rowan.  Funny, I would have never thought of casting him as Lord Voldemort, but now that I’ve read this….hmmmmm.  I’m thinking this is a good choice.

  3. Honestly? I’m flattered, Neil, but I have no worries about getting enough nominations that I’ll actually end up as a finalist. And even if by some stunning turn of events I did get enough nominations to end up as a finalist I’d take it all in good humor. I’m not against the idea of trying to hold a blog awards event such as the Bloggies, I’m just familiar enough with human nature (and past events) to know that a lot of people will take it too seriously and I’m literally eagerly anticipating the drama that usually results from it. If it doesn’t get too nasty then a lot of it can be pretty funny.

    As for the Blackadder series the character in the earlier shows was certainly evil-ish, but still somewhat incompetent so it played to a character-type Rowan has been adept at for a long time. Lord Voldemort strikes me as being a very serious evil type of character so it will be interesting to see how Rowan handles it. Assuming, again, he does get the part.

  4. Rowan was fabulous as Blackadder. I only knew him as a nasty manuntil I saw Mr. Bean. He is much better as a vilain than he is as a nice bloke.  But, as Les says, there was always humour in Blackadder. There is none in Voldemort. Still I believe he would be great.

  5. Blackadder One WAS incompetent, but all the rest were competent, nasty and let down by idiotic manservants, even with their cunning plans. It would still be great to see what he does with the Voldemort character, though.

  6. I don’t think I can EVER take Sean Bean seriously in this role. I was thinking more along the lines of Tim Pigott-Smith or maybe even Ralph Fiennes as “he who must not be named”.

  7. OOpppsss, I didn’t mean “Sean” Bean. I LOVE Sean Bean, maybe not for this role either but I could think of other “activities” for hunky Sean. My brain thought Bean and my loins typed (and that was a good trick) Sean. I meant Rowan A. (Mr. Bean) is wrong for the role even though I have to admit he can do “sniveling” well and “he who must not be named” definitely could be thought of as sniveling.

  8. I think he’d be great as Voldemort. Simply because he’s always played comedic roles. to the audience old enough to know of his Black Adder, Mr Bean characters, being Voldemort would make it all the more creepy…

  9. I value people that make me laugh very highly. R.A. is one of those people. I first saw him as “Mr. Bean Meets the Queen.” in a short prior to the main film. I’ve never heard a crowd laugh so hard. All the women had to rush to the washroom as soon as the short was finished.

    I’ve also seen his stage show on PBS. His most memorable skit was his “demon addressing the new arrivals to hell”. Brilliant.

    I hope the rumours pan out. I hate to think of him as depressed.

  10. Although, to be fair I dont know anthing about Harry Potter, give Rowan a chance.  He is usually involved in comedy, which seems to belittle what a great actor he really is.

  11. Actually, RA has always struck me as having sort of a mean streak to him, even when doing his Mr Bean routines.  That, alone, makes him an intriguing choice for Voldemort.

  12. Hi!!!
    Since i’ve read about the posible Rowan Atkinson’s actuation in the Harry Potter Movie, I Think “it would be great”. And The last movie of Rowan(Jonny English)Is not bad or ugly, only that it is not the style of the Mr. Bean that know all the world.
    Mr. Bean must follow Here.

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