MikeRoweSoft sells out for an Xbox.

In an interesting followup to all the negative press resulting from Microsoft threatening the kid who set up MikeRoweSoft.com I mentioned a few days back it seems that Microsoft will lay claim to the disputed domain name after all, but not through threat of legal action. Instead all they had to do was pony up one of their Xbox consoles and the promise to register a new site for the kid along with a deal for free training toward Microsoft certification.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Boy swaps MikeRoweSoft for Xbox

Mike Rowe, 17, thought it would be fun to add “soft” to the end of his name to set up the site, mikerowesoft.com.

The computer giant thought it was too close to its name, and offered him $10 to take it down which Mr Rowe refused.

The new deal includes Microsoft paying for a new site, expenses and a subscription to its developer forum.

“All along I just wanted to prove a point that the small guy can win against the giant corporations,” Mr Rowe said on his website last week.

He had originally demanded Microsoft pay him $10,000 to take down the site, which he set up as a forum for designers and programmers.

The out-of court settlement was reached amicably on Friday.

“We believe he’s a bright young man with great potential,” said Jim Desler, Microsoft spokesman.

“Mike will soon decide on his new name and website and we have agreed to help redirect any traffic to his new website to ensure he does not lose any business.”

As a sign of goodwill, Microsoft said it would also give the teenager training for certification on its products, and he and his parents have been invited to the technology giants’ headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Just goes to show that if you stand up to the big companies they’ll eventually bribe you with free goodies.

2 thoughts on “MikeRoweSoft sells out for an Xbox.

  1. I’ll give that Canuk one thing… it took brass ones to make demands to the largest corporation in the world. I like the X-Box angle, but I would have thrown in an internship at their game development studio. Sounds insignificant, but I assume asking for a hand job from Gate’s himself would be pushing it. 

  2. I was disappointed in Microsoft’s measly bribe settlement.  If I was in young Mike’s position, I’d have had them set me up for life!  What’s a few million for the privelege of using that name?

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