Microsoft apologises to MikeRoweSoft.

Quick! Check the rivers to see if they’ve turned to blood! It’s gotta be a seventh sign when Microsoft admits to being wrong.

Rowe, a 17-year-old student from Vancouver, British Columbia, registered to front his part-time Web site design business in August 2003. Three months later, he received an e-mail from Microsoft’s lawyers, asking him to transfer the domain name to Microsoft. They offered to pay him a “settlement” of $10, which is the cost of his original registration fee.

However, after the case received widespread coverage on the Internet, Microsoft acknowledged that it may have taken things too far and promised to treat Rowe fairly. A representative of the software company told ZDNet UK: “We appreciate that Mike Rowe is a young entrepreneur who came up with a creative domain name. We take our trademark seriously, but maybe a little too seriously in this case.”

Gee, ya think?

Watch, they’ll buy him out and close him down instead. Not that that would be bad for Mike…

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  1. Crap! After posting this, I looked outside and there is a HUGE swarm of locusts off in the distance…and frogs are falling from the sky.

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