Mega64: When gamers become film makers.

What do you get when gamers get really obsessive about their games and figure out that their local cable company has a Public Access channel in need of content? You get Mega64 where a couple of gamers recreate their favorite video games in real life much to the confusion of others around them.

They’ve only got a couple of episodes available for download on their site right now along with a trailer and they’re hilarious. One features some Solid Snake style hijinx in (among other places) a supermarket and the other explores a day in the life of a Shenmue character. There was a time I could see Hairboy and I trying to do something this silly, but we’re getting old and lazy.

Found via Shacknews.

1 thought on “Mega64: When gamers become film makers.

  1. That’s funny.

    In a related topic that was being discussed amongst some of my screenwriter friends and I is the idea of taking our talents into the gaming arena.  It’s a booming market and more and more games are relying on scripted storylines.

    And you’ll notice a lot of reviews always slam the plots as less than desirable.  They could sue some actual screenwriters writing their scripts rather than programmers.

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