Lea Fastow to receive 5 months jail time for tax evasion…

Apparently the Fastow’s were not making enough money bilking millions before the collapse of Enron so they decided to cheat on their taxes to boot, which when you consider their collective bad acts was really the lesser evil to pin on her. She was actually

charged with six counts—including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering conspiracy and filing false tax returns—for collaborating with her husband in the alleged scheme years after she left the company.

Money Laundering? Conspiracy to commit wire fraud? Don’t those two counts sound a little bit like…I don’t know…Racketeering?!? Please do not misunderstand me, I would not like to see their kids without a parent because both of them decided to collaborate with others in a scheme to defraud millions of investors. Their children were probably not part of this ravenous money-grabbing (even if they no doubt benefit from it) and I would hate to see them affected. HOWEVER…

Let us not forget that in this country both parents can be (and are) sent to jail for any number of infractions and just because the Fastow’s were not putting their children in danger (unless you consider impressionable children being raised by two people without ANY ethics whatever a little bit dangerous) does not make them sympathetic. I doubt my neighbors could make that plea agreement with the judge but if they were stealing millions of dollars they would NOT be living in this neighborhood. Having said all of that I do know why the agreement was made.

There is no way that Andrew Fastow would have copped a plea unless he was satisfied that his kids would have their mother around to raise them. With Andy there is a much better chance that Kenny Lay will eventually get nailed even though at present he is not even charged with anything. 10 years and $29,000,000.00 is no small thing but getting a slap on the wrist for his wife was a cherry, yet if his information can hang the rest of the Enron bastards the deal will be worth it.

Keep your fingers crossed and hope this starts a domino effect.

7 thoughts on “Lea Fastow to receive 5 months jail time for tax evasion…

  1. Indeed. I was following this story earlier this morning on NPR and could only shake my head in wonder at it all. Amazing what you can get away with as long as you can squeal on a bigger fish higher up later on.

    My biggest concerns about this is:
    1) Everyone knowingly involved ends up in a “Pound-me-in-the-ass” Federal Facility. And none of that Country Club Bullshit

    2) IRS, or whomever, takes all bonds, stocks, assests, etc. to repay all the investors screwed over… plus compensation for emotional damages and whatever else they can think up.

    Here in Reno County, Kansas, we had a Sheriff who did a lot of things, but not on such grand a scale as the CEOs of Enron. He ended up copping a plea for like 6 months jail… not prison time… and he was never fined for the $300K he made away with. I’m guessing he is around 55, at most 60 years old, and for 6 months jail time to be set for the rest of your life… it just doesn’t sound like justice.

    On a side note: He also did alot of money laundering through “contacts” in Nevada, and evidence hints at the casinos he did it in were Mob owned and run. Just disgusting…

  3. Amen, brother! I agree with you on this one. I agree with Les and AC Ellis too… The way the system is set up, a hungry man who steals a loaf of bread and a can of tuna from the supermarket will get more time than anyone who gets involved in crimes like these involving bilking millions from lots of people!Its like they are punishing the small fry thief for not being creative or something! I know it says to me, “Ok, if you’re going to become crooked, go all the way! Go for the bigtime, not the small potatoes!”

  4. Give me a fuckin break.  I am sure her children could be farmed out to grandparents or friends for the time this women needs to serve.  Please!  There are women serving jail time for less that have children.  They don’t get special treatment!  Why the hell should she be any different!  I wonder how many people they have bought to get themselves out of this mess.  My husband lost his job with Enron and it totally screwed our lives.  He is 56 and I am 51 and we can never gain back what took a life time to achieve before we reach retirement age.  It took all of our saving to live on before my husband could find another job.  The job he has now pays a third of the income.  I am still raising children.  What about my children, what about their college education!  What about their health!  We went without health insurance for years!  I am ill now and can’t work to boot!  Thanks Enron I hope all the executives there go to hell!  I hope she gets the max!  And her husband too!

  5. Hehe, guess Andy boy will need to snitch MORE on the boys to keep ‘the princess’ out of the slammer.

    Thank God some judges have a clue.

    And if there is any justice in Amerika left, maybe the princess will do serious time.

  6. hmm and another thing

    WTF is the prosecution doing?  They AGREED with this handslap….makes one wonder what payoff they are getting…

  7. I agree with freda, screw the fat faced, fat assed bitch.  She stole ten’s if not hundreds of millions from innocent people and ruined entire families lives.  Her kids will be fine with other family members.  They are only ages 5 and 9, they’ll get over it.  It will be like going to camp; extended.  I think she should be placed at a State and then Fed. Institution for several years.  SHE should get at least 10 years, and good ‘ol Andy 50!  Wonder if she likes muff diving?  The judge is moving the trial to Brownsville, Tx.  A poverty area that will surely see thru the aristocratic bullshit and nail her to the wall.  As for Andrew, if he gets a case of the ass cause moma’s going away, maybe he should consider what it would be like to be someones bitch in a State facility.  Now thats Justice!

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