Interesting chatter from blog comment spammers.

If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time then you’ve probably experienced SPAM in your comments from folks trying to raise their Google page rank. It’s something that’s become a big topic of discussion in the blogging community and a variety of methods to fight it have been developed, but few bloggers actually have read anything from the folks who perpetuate this sort of thing on why they do it.

Which is what makes this USENET thread so interesting to read. In it a group of spammers discuss the techniques and the ethics of spamming blogs to increase page rank. If you’ve ever been curious about their side of the story then this will make for fascinating (and often humorous) reading.

Found via Kalsey Consulting Group.

3 thoughts on “Interesting chatter from blog comment spammers.

  1. I’m from that usenet place you linked to. Mostly we don’t approve of blog spamming even though we know it works. However, hopefully the blog-software makers will put measures in place to stop the spam. All that needs to happen is that the ULR is placed in a javascript link, that way no PR is transferred to the linked site. Thus, no point spamming

  2. The latest version of MovableType, which we’re running here, does exactly that. It’ll be interesting to hear what the reaction from the blog spamming community will be as word of this spreads.

  3. i wonder how much of the comment spam problem has to do with the ubiquity of movable type. i’ve only gotten a handful of comment spams. i’ve gotten more random comments on old entries that the less clueless stumble upon via searches.

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