I complained because I had no shoes

I know that some of you might remember my post about how I had lost my job (boo), gotten a severance package which I used to pay off my credit cards (yay), and then the Michigan Unemployment offices decided to stop paying me a benefit because apparently my severance was “excessive” (boo). Well Here’s a group of folks that were handed insult to go with their injury:

An employee who asked not to be identified told The Mountain Press that hourly employees started receiving the dolls as the first part of the package. The other benefits included a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart, a Dan River hat, a plaque and calculator.

At least they were Barbie Dolls, they could have gotten some no name knock-offs. Also they can use the hat when they have to panhandle for survival and the calculator to determine just how long their meager savings will last them. I would suggest that they use the $100.00 dollar gift certificate to buy warm clothing. I almost believed their VP of human resources when he poured on the emotion and said they were doing all they could for their employees…until I read this:

It was also learned that salary merit increases will be implemented on Jan. 12 for administrators in the Danville office. Salary administrators are reviewing and approving individual increases, discussing actual amounts with each person in January.

Looks like business as usual in 2004, where is all that compassionate conservatism I heard so much about? Oh wait…that was the tax cuts the rich got.

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