How to ruin a Superman movie.

According to Harry over at Ain’t It Cool News the mental giants at Warner Bros. may have opted to cast Beyonce Knowles as Lois Lane along with Johnny Depp as Lex Luthor.

Ummm… what the fuck?

I’m no big fan of Superman to begin with, but not since some dumbass decided that Richard Pryor would make a convincing “computer genius” in Superman III have I heard of such bad casting. Someone over at WB needs to lay off the friggin’ crack pipe.

In all fairness, the cast hasn’t been officially announced at this time and this could just be a wild rumor, but if it’s not then I doubt I’ll be “flying” into a theater come 2006 to see it.

5 thoughts on “How to ruin a Superman movie.

  1. Depp is possibly the best actor of his age group—he can do everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a great Luthor; ever see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? He was Hunter S. Thompson.

    Seriously, he’s pretty damned good.

  2. If i was going to make a superman movie i would start with an epic type make superman first a great hero then sink him by doomsday and then for the next sequels add some jla and the superboy steel and eradicator the (cybog superman) in the films it would be sweet. Plus I agree NICK CAGE would not be a good superman nor ahton coocher but jonny might be a good lex. lol.  anyways we need some new blood to fill the shoes of superman someone with actual talent.  OH and one more thing why doesn’t alex ross help in the making of the movie he would add so much to it..      sincerly .SUPERBOY.

  3. O.k. don’t blow up on me but lets think about the actor playing superman.  We have all decided josh hartnett is to young as well as tom welling although he would be perfect older.  Nick Cage is well… BAD Ashton… worse But what about Brendon Frasor, In George of the jungle he was pretty darn built.  Take his stupid acts for Clark kent and his serious type roll in the mummy for the man of steel.  He has blue eyes like superman tall like superman square jaw like superman.  give him the hair and the suit, I think he could pull it off.

  4. .ok i was going to post tom welling but your right maybe to young and i was thinking of jared letto but there to young. so maybe someone like pierce from the oo7 movies !?  or we can always look for the guy from the dragon bruce lee movie i mean if cain can pull of lois and cklark why can he !! oh well i ‘m serous though brendon frasor could be good if he can act serious but he han’t been in a ny movies i can think of that were down right dramatic films without humor.  ,,,buti’m going to think about it maybe hugh jackman can but he’s going to be van hellsing in an up andcomming film so it might look bad if he dose a superman movie and then goes to work as wolverine lol,,,far from over i’ll be back next week i’m going to do some homework!

  5. Superman: 6’5” or taller, built like in the comic book, look like the character in book, black hair and steely blue eyes, talk like the superman in the old cartoon series Superfriends. Please dont cast a 90 lb weakling as the freaking MAN OF STEEL!  I mean WTF!  thats why i didnt like the batman movies.  michael keaton is not Batman.  maybe Batmite!  Arnold would have filled the superhero suit nicely.  Superheros are larger than life people.  I am tired of being so disapponted with these lame selections.

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