Holy popularity contests, Batman! 2004 Bloggies Nominations being taken.

Apparently they haven’t learned their lesson from last time as the folks who run the “Bloggies” are back for the Fourth Annual Weblog Awards and are accepting nominations in a wide range of categories that are sure to be dominated by the A-list bloggers, of which yours truly isn’t one of them.

Which is cool with me as it allows me to kick back and watch with detached amusement as things eventually go to hell in a hand basket when the inevitable sniping and backbiting kicks in after the fans of popular bloggers (and sometimes the popular bloggers themselves) find out who the finalists are and the voting gets underway. I’ve yet to see one of these attempts at a blog awards escape unscathed from the endeavor.

It’s exactly the sort of drama that makes shows like Survivor and MTV’s Real World so popular except the people running this show aren’t intentionally trying to pick people who will end up fighting amongst themselves. So if you enjoy shows like those then get ready for more fun and excitement as the nominating process comes to a close on January 12th.

Found via Melissa’s blog.

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