He must’ve forgotten to carry the one.

Hey, remember that new Medicare overhaul and prescription drug program the Bush administration just shoved through congress all along promising the costs would stay within the $400 billion estimate? Well, it’s gonna cost a teensy bit more than they thought…

Yahoo! News – Bush Budget Raises Cost of Medicare

Instead of a $400 billion 10-year price tag, Bush’s 2005 budget will estimate the Medicare bill’s cost at about $540 billion, said aides who spoke on condition of anonymity. Bush will submit on Monday a federal budget for the fiscal year 2005, which starts next Oct. 1.

Bush just signed the Medicare measure into law last month. While it was moving through Congress, Bush, White House officials and congressional Republican leaders had assured doubting conservatives that the bill’s costs would stay within the $400 billion estimate.

It’s pretty bad when you lie to the opposing party, but when you’re lying to members of your own party to get what you want that can’t be a good sign.

To hell with getting rid of Bush because of his Fundamentalist war-mongering ways, let’s get rid of him before he makes the Federal deficit any fucking bigger!

4 thoughts on “He must’ve forgotten to carry the one.

  1. Hey hey hey!

    Mr. Regan told me that deficits don’t matter!

    But yeah, it is hard to believe that Bush is even a Republican, considering his requests for spending.  He’s on far past Democrats even in terms of spending.  He’s out of control with our federal pocket strings, always banking on his arbitrary policies jumpstarting the economy to pay for them.

  2. Yeah! Let’s dump Bush and get someboday in the Democratic party who will balance the budget by taxing the living fucking hell out of me!  Yea, then they can create a “surplus” (an overcharge on the tax bill they won’t return to you) so we can pay for all the entitlement we deserve. I hope Dean is our man as he has shown a real ability to manage his campaign’s funds. 

    Ugh is it possible to have a “politician” who doesn’t spend like Dennis Rodman?!?  Can you be a politician and not waste taxpayer money, or is that just not part of the paybook? I hope we go to the moon so maybe I can get off this rock one day!

  3. I hate to say it, but there is no such thing as a surplus. There is only a better-than-break-even balancing of the books in the current fixcal year.

    Until we have paid off the 7 trillion dollars that we have racked up in debt ($96,000 in debt assigned to my family of 4) nobody gets to use the word “surplus” to describe our national financial situation.

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