Happy New Year!

Seeing as I’m still awake at 6:38AM because I was stupid enough to try and respond to a massive comment from one of my nutball commenters, I thought I’d take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2004 is the best yet.

Though my starting it off by devoting some 8 hours or so to responding to a nutjob before giving up in frustration probably doesn’t bode well for me…

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Years, Les.  Hope your 2004 is filled with fun, contentment and prosperity.  Happy holidays all.

  2. Just searched out your lengthy reply to the nutjob in question and I think you need to be commended for your level-headed handling of those in serious reality denial.  However, why not start off the new year with a resolution to leave the ignorant bigots to their own distorted views.  The benefits would be an enormous amount of time in which to give the world the novel you are probably concealing within yourself, and almost certainly a drop in blood pressure and a longer life. Have a good 2004, all the best, Dave.

  3. Happy New Years to ALL of you!  Eat drink and make merry, for tomorrow. . .  we diet!

    May your next year be marked by an increase in your prosperity, your wisdom, and your general level of happiness.


  4. DaveR, it’s a suggestion my wife has made to me on more than one occasion and, believe me, I’ve considered it.

    Part of why I respond is an unfounded sense of optimism that most people can be reasoned with, which ironically conflicts with my cynical belief that most people are idiots. I’m known for decrying the apparent intelligence level of the average American on a regular basis, but the reason that makes me so angry is because I don’t believe that most people are literally that stupid. Most idiots choose not to think because it’s easier to blame outside forces than to accept responsibility for your own actions. Our society seems to be geared toward keeping people in that state of willful stupidity as well.

    But then I suppose we all have things we tend to be stupid about and mine is the need to respond to nutjobs that show up and babble non-sensibly on my website. I’m just grateful for the regular readers I have who do make sense.

    As for 2004, I’m feeling a bit optimistic that this year will be better than last. Sometime this year I hope to be moving my family into a house and leaving this crummy little apartment behind me. That goal alone has given me good reason to be optimistic.

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