California lawmaker wants “Feng Shui” applied to state buildings.

I get a fair amount of email from people who chastise me for berating people’s beliefs in silly pseudo-science and other related nonsense like talking to the dead. The most common question I get is: “If these people are happy, why do you feel the need to attack their beliefs?”

Well, here’s why: – News – Lawmaker Wants Feng Shui Applied To State Buildings

SAN JOSE, Calif.—A Bay Area lawmaker wants to spread the ancient Chinese ritual of feng shui. San Francisco Assemblyman Leland Yee says feng shui would create a positive work environment in all state buildings.

NBC11’s Damian Trujillo reported that the DMV office at Alma Street in San Jose might have to abide by the new rules of feng shui, if the resolution passes.

But critics say feng shui should be the last thing on the minds of lawmakers, in the midst of the budget crisis that the state is in.

“What clutter can be, is stuck energy in places where energy isn’t moving into our lives,” said Joan Green, a feng shui expert.

Green says feng shui is allowing energy to flow freely in a room, creating a more positive work and home environment. A lot of it has to do with how people arrange their furniture. Chimes also sometimes help in the energy flow.

Now, Yee says this is what all state buildings need to create that positive work environment. So, he’s introduced a resolution to promote feng shui in state buildings.

California is in one of the worst budget crises it’s ever faced and some silly-assed lawmaker wants to waste time and taxpayer money on arranging the state’s buildings in accordance with “feng shui” concepts.

It’s not enough for people with silly beliefs to practice those beliefs themselves as they’re never happy with that. They want to share the joy of their silly beliefs with everyone around them and when they get elected to office and come up with stupid ideas like this it ends up costing everyone for no good reason.

5 thoughts on “California lawmaker wants “Feng Shui” applied to state buildings.

  1. I say we use their powers against them.  When politicians want to spend our money in some dumbass way such as this for instance, we could use the FORCE of the feng shui way, like putting mirrors towards them, thusly directing their evil energy back at them.  Then they just move away.  It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a recall anyway.

  2. Welcome to my state. *sigh*

    I need to get away from here.

    Maybe its not “What the Fuck is Wrong with You People”, but maybe “What the Fuck is Wrong with California?”

  3. I heard that the Chinese built/are building many new skyscraper buildings in accordance with feng shui principles. In fact, there is one in, I believe, Hong Kong with a massive, round and totally *useless* hole through its top levels (maybe 100 feet across or more). Its supposed to let ‘the dragon’ fly through it (meaning wind, but not the physical one, more energy-like).

    Then again, who are we to complain. When I look at what architects are proposing these days for reasons of simple ‘beauty’… (and I should know, for I’m a civil engineer


  4. From what I read the bill is only a “suggested” proposal to implement fung shui principles and is not a requirement for governement building codes .  If architects have to put up doors and windows anyways, why not arrange them with feng shui patterns?  Maybe feng shui might work and makes those DMV and Postal employees work faster so we dont have to wait in those damn long lines.

  5. If it’s only a suggestion then why bother making a bill for it? Why not just walk around saying “I suggest you..” and save some time and taxpayer money?

    And if we’re going to do things on the chance that they MIGHT work then I suppose we should “suggest” that all the DMV workers wear QLink pendants and Teslar Watches to help protect them from all the EMF radiation they’re surrounded with between the computers and the florescent lights in those offices. That’ll make them happier, more energetic and friendlier to deal with if those products work as they claim to do. If we’re going to make decisions based on what might work we can come up with all sorts of ways to waste taxpayer money for questionable results.

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