But what about our children?

Ever wonder what political ads would be like if they ran a contest and let just anybody submit a 30 second spot? Well the folks at Bush in 30 Seconds.org did just that and received more than 1000 entries which were thinned to just 26 finalists. One of my favorites is What Are We Teaching Our Children? and if you have the time the links below will take you too see it.

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They are all worth a look so go check them out!

9 thoughts on “But what about our children?

  1. That is one of my favorites from that campaign. I love it! It sounds so :clear” coming from kids doesn’t it?

  2. I say give bush another 4 more years.  The economy is in a huge up swing, he had the balls to stand up to Saddam, terrorist, liberals 7 France/Germany.

    He’ll go down as one of the best presidents in history!

  3. Dubya didn’t do jack to the economy.  It’s not his doing that it’s on a upswing, it wasn’t his fault the bottom fell out(easier to blame Clinton for the bubble). 

    Hell, you could accuse him of letting all the tech jobs go offshore. 

    I believe the same economy would’ve happened under Gore.

  4. The economy is in a huge upswing

    You’ve been watching TV, haven’t you Daisy.  For shame.  You know you can’t believe any of that, right?

    People have been claiming that the economy was in “recovery” for about three years now.  In fact, two years ago I found a web site that listed all the puff pieces which had been written about the economic “recovery” (in one column) and then laid out the actual numbers (in another column)

    The gist of it was pretty clear; “recovery” translated into “we’re not drowning quite as badly as before.”

    Yes, economic leading indicators have taken an upturn, but that’s only been for a couple of months, following tax returns, Holiday retail shopping sprees, the increased consumer spending that comes with lowered interest rates, and the fourth quarter “push” in the mortgage industry, with banks and lending companies refinancing everything on a foundation. 

    In other words, the Bush tax cuts and the lowered interest rates are achieving exactly what they’re supposed to.  Short term gains.  I seriously doubt that this is sustainable.

    There hasn’t been any sort of meaningful job growth either.  Yes, the unemployment rates are now “lower,” but part of that is because there are people who have lost their benefits, and fallen off of the rolls.  That doesn’t mean that they found jobs.

    I think it’s a bit premature to be standing on the deck of your own metaphoric air craft carrier in front of a banner saying “economic mission accomplished”


  5. Ragman. To a certain extent I have to agree. The economy happens and administrations take credit for the good and try to blame the bad on someone else. That is not to say that an administration’s policies have no effect on the economy. Some can, but I suspect that the time lag is longer than the politicos on either side would have us believe.

    Miss Daisy. We really can’t afford four more years. I’ll just say that Cheney’s take on the Regan years is wrong—big deficits do matter, and leave it at that.

    Nowiser. Thanks for the URLs.

  6. I hope you’re not still driving, Miss Daisy, as I’m more than a bit worried on account of how you see the real world and all.

    Reminds me of a joke:

    Two elderly women were out driving in a large car, both barely large enough to see over the dashboard. As they cruised along, they
    came to an intersection. The stoplight was red but they just went on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself, “I must be losing it, I could have sworn we just went through a red light.
    After a few more minutes they came to another intersection, the light was red, and again they went right through. This time, the passenger was almost sure that the light had been red, but was also concerned that she might be seeing things. She was getting nervous and decided to pay very close attention.
    At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was definitely red and they went right through it. She turned to the other woman and said, “Mildred! Did you know we just ran through three red lights in a row?  You could have killed us.

    “Mildred turned to her and cried, “Oh shit! Am I driving?”

    Moral of the story: Pay closer attention! Bush may be the designated driver but he isn’t traveling alone, and he doesn’t seem to see where he’s taking us, or he knows too well. Either way, he’s far too reckless and inconsiderate to be in control and needs to be replaced for the safety of us all.

    Where we end up is as much our fault for allowing a psychopath to carry us there.

  7. Miss Daisy, I really wish I was on whatever medications you are on to see this economy in a “huge up swing”. They probably also make the walls move and appear to be breathing right? I don’t really care to debate you about his balls but his obstinate, even reckless aggression is obvious to anyone (and nothing to be proud of), why don’t you give his brain a once over and then tell me what you think of him. The man has the I.Q. of a potato chip. If history is honest he will go down as a Supreme Court appointee to the office of President who gutted our Constitution, alienated all but a few of our allies, made the filthy rich even filthier rich at the expense of generations of taxpayers, and went to war killing hundreds of U.S. soldiers and thousands of Iraqi combatants and non-combatants alike to kill the sovereign leader of Iraq because he threatened his daddy. I say Incompetent president, accomplished war criminal is more fitting.

    Four more years? No way in Hell.

  8. What was I said the Other day to Deer about bush… oh ye.. “Well at least American are showing they have a sense of humor….” there was a pause, a giggle(as hubsand shots juice out of his nose in shock I said soemthing funny) and then I added, “…. Now if he serves another four years it just shows we are insane…..”

    Cute clip… amazing how much power a voice of a child has when an adult is actually listening. Be it scripted or not. Just stop an listen to a child and they will let you know so much truth with out realizing.

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