Busy weekend ahead.

Don’t know how much posting I’ll be doing this weekend. We’re headed up to see the folks in Otisville today and will be staying overnight. Momma has some tech stuff she needs help with and I’ve been meaning to swap out the slower 7GB hard drive her main system has with a faster and roomier 17GB drive I’ve got sitting idle. Then she wants to learn how to take the pictures from her shiny new digital camera and turn them into blog entries. And I need to figure out what Dad used as a login for his blood pressure monitoring website so they can access that again.

Plus it’ll be nice to visit once again. We try to make it up there at least once every month or so and while it hasn’t been quite a month since Christmas Eve, this is the best weekend for us to do it this month.

Update: Then again, maybe not. Thought I had all the tools I needed to take care of some of the stuff I was going to take care of, but I seem to have left those tools at work. So I’m putting off our trip up until next weekend so I have time to be better prepared.

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