Buzz is back with another Blog It Forward day. The idea is simple: pick one or more of the blogs on your blogroll and give them mad props with some link lovin’ and then ping Buzz’s post so everyone can see whom you’re pimpin’. Technically my first entry today could count as a BIF, but I pointed to Brent’s site last time I participated so I’m not going to be a cheap ass and try to claim that entry as my BIF. Instead I present the following folks you should check out:

A Skeptical Blog – Dominion is a fellow skeptic who does an excellent job of writing at length on various topics such as religious belief and politics. He shares a similar goal of encouraging a more skeptical approach to life in general and the myriad claims we are bombarded with daily. I hope to someday write entries as well as he manages to.

Covie Writes – I’ve been lurking quite a bit lately on Covie’s site in part due to a discussion we had earlier on SEB on whether or not science knows hows to test the claims of psychics and such. She has an interesting viewpoint on life and it’s always good to try and view things from another’s perspective. Covie has unintentionally inspired me to write more on skepticism this year with one of her comments here on SEB so I thought I would point out one of my sources of inspiration.

OK, I’m only doing two this time out or I’ll run through my blogroll too quickly. Hopefully you’ll enjoy both of these sites as much as I do.


  1. I second Covie Writes! Well if could be the fact she is a dear friend. But her veiw[points are always somethign to take in consideration .. Off to check out Skeptic.

  2. Your blog is my BIF this time around. When your server is brought to its knees by that extra hit you get this month, you’ll know it was caused by my recommendation.

  3. Well thank ye very much there, Frac! Always nice to know folks appreciate my efforts.

    Which reminds me, I’ve seen a lot of blogs lately that I need to add to my blogroll, your’s included.

  4. It’s been a mutual musing for sure, Les. That’s one helluva compliment coming from someone I think both highly intellegent and an excellent writer.

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