Because I have nothing better to post about…

… I will now post a small snippet of my first Instant Message conversation of 2004!

JethricOne: Hey there!
StupEvilBst: Howdy.
JethricOne: After working for most of the day, I have the office area cleaned…1/8th done with the basement :-p
StupEvilBst: Now I’ve got complete strangers forwarding me forwarded email crap.
StupEvilBst: Coolness. LAN party here we come. wink
JethricOne: Okay, I also collected EVERY computer-type box and put it in a “to be recycled tomorrow” pile…takes up a 10×10 area.
JethricOne: :O
StupEvilBst: Damn. That’s impressive.
JethricOne: If my case goes bad… cases GO bad…to the trash bin with the box.
JethricOne: Repeat over every old monitors, cases of my brothers, etc.
StupEvilBst: I’ve never heard of a case going bad. Power supplies? Sure. Fans? All the time. Cases? Only if you drop it off the back end of your pickup.
JethricOne: ๐Ÿ˜€
StupEvilBst: Repeatedly.
StupEvilBst: And then kick it some.
StupEvilBst: Maybe beat on it with a hammer for a long time.
JethricOne: Or…throw the box away :-p
StupEvilBst: Yeah.
JethricOne: *meteor crashes through roof….*
StupEvilBst: Hey, this is the first IM convo I’ve had for 2004. I’ll have to post it to my blog because… well… I’ve got nothing better to post.
JethricOne: Did you know a meteor DID crash through an Ann Arbor garage roof in 1999 or some such?
StupEvilBst: I think I heard about it.
JethricOne: I saw the meteorite in the Ann Arbor natural history museum…6th confirmed meteorite in Michigan ever.
StupEvilBst: Coolness.
JethricOne: Better topics: You could whine about the 350 million given out in lottery winnings to other people as part of last year…
JethricOne: You could talk about the US declaring our meat safe, and telling other countries they should still buy it…while we have a May case on Canadian meat still pending in court.
JethricOne: You could talk about the US fingerprinting people with Visas on entry to the US.
StupEvilBst: Yeah, I might rant about those. But I’m still going to post this so I can start the new year off with one of the most pointless entries of my entire blogging career.
JethricOne: You could ask people what THEY would do with a lottery winning.
StupEvilBst: You know, start off with the worst so it can only get better kinda thing…
JethricOne: Oh, in that case, you could post a “Chick Tracts were right along” entry…
JethricOne: ๐Ÿ˜€
StupEvilBst: I think that might cause a few heart attacks in long-time readers…
JethricOne: It’s called culling the herd.
StupEvilBst: Is that what they call it? I thought it was called “negligent homicide”…
JethricOne: No, that would be if 2 or 3 of your readers took your logic to heart, and in disgust you threw your computer out the window, and killed a Jehovah’s witness who was standing on the doorstep.
StupEvilBst: ๐Ÿ˜€
JethricOne: Incidentally, that would also be called “irony”

Wow, was that exciting or what?

6 thoughts on “Because I have nothing better to post about…

  1. Oh my gawd, Les, they did it. Back in November I selected a part of one of your posts I found particularly amusing and submitted it to “snippets”… it is the idea behind it to snip another’s blog entry.. anyway, when a couple months rolled by, I assumed it was the whole ” Stupid Evil Bastard ” thing they shied away from. Turns out there was an error with the mailing list, and you were snipped in November. So.. here you go.. you’ve been “Snipped.”

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