Be, all you can be, in the Empire’s army!

More fun from the land of Star Wars fans with too much time on their hands: If you’ve ever wanted to show up at a Sci-Fi convention sporting your own custom Storm Trooper armor, but didn’t know how to go about making your own then Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Props is the website for you!

To say that the focus here is on attention-to-details is an understatement. The site is nicely designed and full of info on how to create your own authentic looking armor and prop weapons. I must admit to being geeky enough that this definitely appeals to me and if I were single and had the spare cash I’d certainly give it a try as everyone knows that chicks dig a man in uniform.

2 thoughts on “Be, all you can be, in the Empire’s army!

  1. Hey dudes, has anyone got the mp3 version of this, not the flash, i searched on google and it took me here.  the links u put up dont work cuz they’re gay!
    If anyones got it, send it to

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