Badger, badger, badger…

My wife probably relates to today’s User Friendly in a big way.

Update: For those who have no idea what they’re talking about here’s a link to it.

FAIR WARNING: SEB will not be held responsible if you view this animation and end up with the song stuck in your head (as you MOST CERTAINLY WILL) and you end up trying to dig it out with a spoon. You have been warned!**

**Which just means most of you won’t be able to resist looking at it now.

61 thoughts on “Badger, badger, badger…

  1. Well, until your neighbors came into your cubicle, tore out your computer, and beat you to death with it …

    Thanks, Les.  I’d been wondering after the past few UF strips.  Now I know, and I’m sure a few years of therapy will help me forget again.

  2. I saw that page a couple of days ago, and I haven’t stopped singing it.


  3. Damn! I’m sure there’s some subliminal message in that thing - just gotta wait for the post-hypnotic suggestion to kick in….mushroom, mushroom….SNAKE!!!

  4. So over the weekend I dropped some acid. About 3 hours into my trip, I blinked once and suddenly there were badgers EVERYWHERE. Some were dancing, some were eating mushrooms, and some were trying to kill me (those ones looked like the psycho badgers, which you can see here  ). Never again will i do acid…damn badgers…..

    So did anyone see the Lord of the Rings remix of the Badgers?

  5. HOLY. CRAP. Just listened to this song through headphones. Heard “f*** your brother, f*** your mother,” You’re right Tish. There are subliminal messages here. o.o

  6. anyone got this badger song as an mp3 so I can have it immortal in my phone as a real ring tone ??

    I’m addicted

  7. heck, still didn’t work, ill just link you’all to where i found the song.

    TechBoard Forums- Badger MP3

  8. Actually it worked all three times. ExpressionEngine automatically runs links in comments through itself and filters out anything that comes after a ? in a URL for security reasons.

    Folks that want to access it directly should right click the link and then copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser and then delete the first part that looks like this:

    The link will then work as expected. A hassle, I know, but security often is.

  9. smelly badgers are everywhere.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they wont leave me alone. they run after me shouting neeeee. they even are in my dreams. they want my body for devious sexual acts that i shudder to imagine. if u know how to chop a badger to pieces without hurting its familys feelings let me know.

  10. That’s odd. I just tried it and it still works for me.

    Now I’ve got that damned song stuck in my head again….

  11. That’s odd. I just tried it and it still works for me.
    And me and I’d never heard it before and I wish I could go back 10 minutes in time and forget it.
    Ah. Doesn’t matter. I won’t remember it in 15 minutes anyway.

  12. Doesn’t matter. I won’t remember it in 15 minutes anyway. :LOL:
    Wanna bet, LuckyJohn?  It’s a snaaaaake!

  13. can somone send me the link again? it keep trying the one posted and it wont work 🙁

  14. Are you trying to access it from school or work? It’s possible it’s being blocked by a proxy you’re behind for some stupid reason.

  15. no, im at home 🙁 and it still wont work dont know why, can anyone send it to me in a attachment?

  16. It’s because the Fed’s, who are monitoring your internet surfing, don’t want the song stuck in their heads again, so they’re blocking your access.

    Try it from here. These guys love to piss people off.

    …and don’t hate me.

  17. Do your own damn search then!* Geeze, ever heard of Google?

    *Not even a “thank you for your effort”. grumble grumble

  18. hey i tried searching for the mp3 of the badger song too and it took me here.  if anyone’s got it could you send it to  thanx a bunch.  i love that song.

  19. Badger Song

    There ya go… it’s a Mega Upload File. Just enter the stupid image. and wait 45 Secs and download. simple as that.

  20. Could someone send me a copy or point me to link so i can get badger badger badger mp3 please.


    (the link called Badger Song)…. wow… -.-’

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