Back to the daily grind.

I’m once again back at my desk here at The Automotive CompanyTM and I’ve managed to filter through the remaining emails left over from vacation I didn’t get through while working from home yesterday as well as cycle through all my waiting voice mail. Now I’m waiting to head off to some meeting in about 20 minutes where I’ll sit passively while other people argue whether it would be best to move that building’s shared network storage to one of two different solutions. Should be an exciting day.

Update: Well, the day ended up being more exciting than I expected. First day officially back in the office and I managed to get into a heated argument with one of my coworkers who usually lunches with us. He made a comment that hit a sore spot with me and I challenged him on it and it went south from there. At times I felt like I was arguing with some of the more reality-immune commenters that show up here on SEB and I probably shouldn’t have let it go as far as it did, but I did and now the office will have some juicy gossip for the next couple of days. Oh well, seems everything this new year is going to start off on the wrong foot. On the positive side I guess that means I can look forward to things getting better over time.

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