Ashcroft spews idiotic quotes once again.

John AsshatAshcroft doesn’t seem capable of making a statement without revealing what a complete moron he is. Seems he was in Vienna yesterday and attempted to defend the Iraq war by accusing Saddam Hussein of using “evil chemistry” and “evil biology” and thusly justifying our pre-emptive attack on his stockpiles of… well… nothing much really. At least not much of anything according to David Kay who was put in charge of trying to find WMDs. – Saddam’s ‘evil chemistry’ justified war: Ashcroft

“I believe there is a very clear understanding that Saddam Hussein continued to pose a threat,” Ashcroft said.

“Weapons of mass destruction, including evil chemistry and evil biology, are all matters of great concern, not only to the United States, but also to the world community,” he said. “They were the subject of UN resolutions.”

Ashcroft made the comments a day after David Kay, the outgoing top U.S. weapons inspector, pressed U.S. intelligence agencies to explain why their research indicated Iraq possessed banned weapons before the invasion.

On Sunday, Kay said he now believes Saddam had no such arms.

“I don’t think they exist,” Kay told National Public Radio. “The fact that we found so far the weapons do not exist—we’ve got to deal with that difference and understand why.”

Oh Saddam! If only you had used your powers for good instead of evil! Not that using them for evil seems to have resulted in much in the way of actual weapons of mass destruction, but still!

When is Ashcroft going to learn that trying to cling to the claim of WMDs as a valid reason to go to war isn’t very intelligent when you can’t actually find any of them? Plenty of conservative pundits have pointed out that there are still some fairly reasonable arguments to be made for taking out Saddam not the least of which was the fact that he was a bad man to his own people, yet Ashcroft and others continue to cling to the claim that Saddam either had WMDs or was trying very hard to get them as a valid excuse.

Why? Because to do otherwise is to admit they were wrong on the primary reason they sold the war to the American public (not that we had a lot of say in the matter) and being a fundamentalist means admitting he’s wrong about anything is beyond his capability. After all, when you get your best info from God directly then it can’t be wrong.

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  1. Coming from the man whose organization seems to believe that we have to crack down on terrorists in our own country who use evil books, I’m not sure this means a whole lot.  Let’s just hope that the judicial branch sees fit to stike down actions that degrade the fabric of freedom in America.

  2. Oh, by the way.  Why is it taking so long trying to post a comment?  I hit post and I have to wait for quite some time before I get any sort of response.  I thought you hacked up some intermediary page to solve this.  Did I lose my mind?

  3. That was part of Oscar’s comment subscription plugin I was using before I realized it didn’t work properly with individual entry pages.

    I’m still investigating what’s eating up so much time and I suspect it has a lot to do with the combination of plugins and the side bar on the left over there. All the other blogs I maintain, which don’t do as much fancy stuff as SEB does, don’t take anywhere near as long despite being hosted under the same installation of MT.

    This is part of why I am considering switching blogging packages to something that generates dynamic pages rather than building static pages for everything like MT does. Or trying to write my own. Those systems seem to have a much more consistent posting time.

    In the mean time I’m going to rip apart the side bar and reduce what it contains for the individual entries rather than having it be the same as the index page to see if that helps at all.

  4. Not just chemistry, but evil chemistry.  Not just biology, but evil biology.

    Ashcroft makes himself such an easy target, by ascribing morality to things vs. the folks who use such things.  Which is perfectly in keeping with a censorous attitude (evil books, evil music, evil opinions) like our Atty General seems to have.

    On the other hand, and not to be argumenative, but Kay has also said that he thinks it was reasonable (given what everyone’s intelligence was saying, and what Saddam was doing) to feel that Iraq was an imminent threat.  He’s also recently said it’s pretty clear that a lot of WMD program material was smuggled into Syria, even if there were no stockpiles left.  So his commentary is not quite so clear-cut as the snippet above.

    I agree, though, that the Administration needs to (a) admit that the intelligence was in error, even as it (b) continues to play up the reasons why invading Iraq was a better idea than we thought at the time.  Clinging to undiscovered WMD stockpiles as a strong likelihood (it’s certainly still possible, but not likely at this point) only discredits the effort as a whole, which is a shame.

  5. Mr Ashcroft would be a very funny man if it wasn’t such a serious issue.  Can I convert my degree to a BSc (Hons) (Evil) Psych? You just have to ask which is the lesser of the two evils, and adjust the funding accordingly at the Evil University.  Perhaps you attended this institution youself, Mr Bastard?

  6. That’s a good point, Dave. And I do agree that it was reasonable to feel that Iraq was a imminent threat, but that’s why I had a problem with us going to war in the first place. Too much reliance on feelings and not enough on solid facts.

    The weapons inspectors weren’t finding anything and this contradicted what TPTB felt was the truth. Hunches can be useful and feelings can put one on the right path, but they’re not the sort of things I feel we should be starting wars over. We need to be damned sure of our facts before we go throwing our weight around or we’ll lost what little credibility we still have with the rest of the world. When we screw up and then continue to insist that the big reason we hyped up is still valid even though we can’t find any evidence of said reason, well, that doesn’t help our image any.

    Attended that university, Mrs. McMuffin? Hell, I’m a tenured professor!

    “It’s Doctor Evil. I didn’t go to Evil Medical School for 6 years to be called Mister.” - Dr. Evil

  7. As an “evil” librarian who is (according to Mr. Ashcroft) easily led astray by “evil” organizations like the ACLU, it is my opinion that he is the best living, walking example of “evil biology”. The whole idea of justice department employees starting out their day with a prayer meeting is so offensive to me in so many ways. It still makes me shiver even now when I think about it.

  8. I think it puts a whole different complexion on matters to discover that George Bush was planning on finding a way to invade Iraq right from the day he took up residence in the White House. It seems like it is more a case of settling old scores that his father never completed satisfactorily - and not the kind of mentality one would expect from a president…however, George is a special type of moron.

  9. Isn’t the Justice Dept. concerned with with domestic issues, and the State Dept. deals with foreign issues?  I could be wrong, but when I heard Ashcroft fart- I mean - speak, I wondered if he was getting a little out of his area.  I could be wrong. 

    Maybe the Evil Boobie on the statue of Lady Justice is misleading me…

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