Alpha testing for MovableType 3.0 to begin soon.

According to the News page they hope to begin testing within the next two weeks and are looking for volunteers to help out. I’ve submitted myself as a potential tester in part because I’ve whined a few times on their message forums for info on when MT 3 was due.

That and I’d really love to help test out the new version which will have, among other things, a user registration system.

5 thoughts on “Alpha testing for MovableType 3.0 to begin soon.

  1. I think I’ll wait for the public beta… Being a software engineer, I’ve learned not to like the word “alpha”. It brings with it too many bad memories…

  2. Alpha, of course, means don’t test on a production server.    Might be fun to set up a copy somewhere else to give it a go, though.

  3. Indeed. I’ll definitely be looking carefully at what they want us to do (should I get accepted) before deciding whether to use it on my production site and if I should decide to go live with it I’ll sure as hell be backing up pretty much everything to protect against problems. I’ve done enough alpha and beta testing in my time to have learned that lesson.

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