ABCDEF…great googly moogly!

I don’t recall what it was like when I learned my ABCs as a young lad with that stupid song, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything like this** or I would have remembered it better.

**This is a totally NSFW link. For that matter, it’s a totally not safe for kids link. As well as a totally not safe for prudish types. You’ve been warned.

5 thoughts on “ABCDEF…great googly moogly!

  1. Well, I guess I will never sing THAT song the same way again.

    Thank you from the bottom of my……………heart.

  2. Well Les, with that entry you’ve proved you’re a real man. Too bad the word “real” had so little to do in that montage. Good thing the alphabet isn’t twice as long or we would all be drowning in saline and silicone. Can you say “That blowed up real good!”?

    Breeders!….Boy I tell ya! They sure do love the boobies. 

  3. Gee, I still remember the alfabet real good,an I havent heard the phrase: “Great Googly Moogly” in a while. It was a medium sized plush toy with huge eyes, and ears, and wire in the mouth and tongue that you could bend into funny shape. I used it to teach two children the alphabet!

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