A review of MyEasyPics.com.

Every now and then I get emails from folks asking about where on the Net they might be able to host pictures for little to no cost and there are a number of different places they can do this. Then a little while back I was contacted by someone who was launching a new image hosting service called MyEasyPics.com about possibly buying advertising space on my blog. I don’t really do ads here, but I told him I’d take a look at the service if he’d like and do a write up on it. He agreed and even went so far as to give me an account at no charge to try it out for awhile and so here is the promised write-up.

First let me say that I don’t use image hosting services myself as I don’t have much need seeing as I already maintain a website with room for hosting almost anything I want so making use of a service like this was a new experience. Surprisingly, the Easy part of the name fits this service well as I had no trouble figuring out how to go about setting up my account, adding folders and getting started with uploading pictures. MyEasyPics will prompt you every step of the way and offers the ability to resize pictures as you upload them as well as adjust the picture quality (for jpegs) as you go along. You can also make changes to the image quality and size after uploading as well. Moving pictures from folder to folder and deleting pics and folders is all pretty straight-forward.

Because this is intended to be a remote hosting service for images the interface provides you with all manner of ways to link to the pics you’ve uploaded. For example, clicking on a pic will allow you to edit it’s attributes and provides you with a pre-coded link you can cut and paste into blog entries, message forum posts or what have you. At the folder level it’ll generate links to that folder full of pics or to pre-generated slide shows and even an Auction Image Gallery.

Prices are based on bandwidth rather than storage. The Bronze plan is $3.95 a month for 2 Gigs of transfer, Silver is $8.95 for 4 Gigs and Gold is $15.95 a month for 8 Gigs of transfer. It’s hard for me to gage how reasonable that pricing is as you can often find web hosting for similar prices that offer the same or more in transfer a month, though those plans usually limit disk space whereas MyEasyPics.com doesn’t at this point and you don’t get the rather nice and easy to use interface that MEP provides. If all you want is a spot to upload some pics to share with friends and family or to use for auctions on eBay or perhaps for hosting pics to put into PhotoShop contests on Fark.com then this service looks pretty good. It certainly lives up to its name. They even provide a demo account you can play with to see if you like it before you sign up. Overall I was impressed with how easy it really was to use and at the different features it offers. So if you’ve been looking for something like this stop by and give it a look.

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