Woman burns down apartment to rid her bathtub of ghost.

Say, did you know that you can kill a ghost by burning down your home? I didn’t either, but that’s the method a dumbasswoman in Lawton, Oklahoma used.

Seems the ghost had taken up residence in her tub and was making it difficult to take a bath, probably because it was using up all the hot water and making bad jokes about the shower scene in Psycho. Ghosts can be very inconsiderate in that way. So the woman did what any individual with rocks for brains would do, she burned the whole apartment down. No word yet on whether the ghost is, indeed, dead(er?) but at least the woman won’t have to worry about sharing a tub with it anymore at her new home.

12 thoughts on “Woman burns down apartment to rid her bathtub of ghost.

  1. I saw the movie Ghost. I don’t remember the bathtub scene. I hope Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t in it. The scene that is, or even the tub. Ick…

  2. Well, shoot! What was the poor woman to do - just let a pervert ghost run around her house doing whatever it pleased? Goodness. She should have also called the Ghostbusters.

  3. You lot don’t belive in ghosts do you. Well take a look at my website.Ghoulies and Ghosts

  4. Whatever would give you the idea that we don’t believe in ghosts? The sarcasm?

    Well, yeah, that’s probably a good indicator.

    As for your website, you didn’t put any text in for the link so I edited your comment to make the link visible. Stopped by and I’m unimpressed. All of the ghost photo links were broken and didn’t display anything. Pictures alone, however, aren’t likely to convince me. Half are fakes and the other half are just misidentifying things that aren’t ghosts at all. Digital cameras in particular are a major culprit of many “ghost” photos these days especially for the “glowing orb” pics that everyone likes to call ghosts.

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