Weekend with the relatives.

We’re headed out to Lake Orion today for the annual Christmas parade the town has every year. Momma used to do clowning as a hobby and ended up in a number of parades over the years including the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade and various local city parades such as the Lake Orion Christmas parade. You may recall I wrote about last years parade and the “truck full o’ clowns” we had because Mom’s getting a little too old to walk the parade route anymore. Well, this year Mom’s not doing the parade at all, but my sister-in-law and her kids along with a friend of theirs and my kid are going to walk the parade route this year. We haven’t visited with my brother and his family in awhile so this will be a chance to catch up with them on what’s new. I’ll have my digital camera with me so I’ll have a few pics to show off later in the weekend.

Look out world, Momma’s got broadband! My folks had been kicking around whether they should get broadband for awhile now and the folks at Charter Communications finally got enough sense in their heads to make it worthwhile for them to take the plunge. Being in the wilds of Otisville meant that there was quite a bit of work that had to be done before they could be hooked up. The nearest terminal was two poles down the street from theirs so Charter had to come out and put one in on the pole across the street from the house. Then they had to run the wire across the street to the pole in their yard and then they had to bore under the driveway to get the cable to the house before they could install the cable modem. All told it took a week and a half or so for it all to happen, but they’re up and my Dad is as giddy as a schoolboy.

One of their two computers is so old it won’t recognize the wireless card they bought for it, though, so after the parade today we’ll be following the folks back up to their place so I can put one of my spare computers in place of the old one and they can both print and use their new broadband service at the same time. We’ll be staying the night and coming home sometime tomorrow. This will make for a nice little weekend away for a change and now that the folks have wireless broadband I have a good reason to take my laptop with me. wink

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  1. Yes Thank you Evil One. Dad is upstairs and I’m on the new computer downstairs. Both of us are online!  What a Hoot this is!!

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