Video Game Hall of Fame.

Michele of A Small Victory has launched her own retro-video gaming awards thingy in response to the awful Video Game Awards show that took place on SpikeTV the other night. I only caught half of that pathetic excuse for an awards show and Anne wasn’t able to sit through the whole thing. It was only due to my extreme geekiness as a gamer that I was able to watch the half that I did see. It’s funny, but I don’t recall video gaming and hip-hop as being so closely tied together. Oh well, here’s the poop on Michele’s gig:

Anyhow. We’re going to start by nominating Coin-Op stand alone games. Because I drew the cut-off line here at BP (Before Playstation), we’ll keep it at before 1995, which is when Playstation was first distributed in the U.S. So, for this category:

I’ll then whittle down your choices in each category to five, and have a poll for those five, and then we’ll move on to other categories. If you have a suggestion for a category (for instance, should I break them down by type of game, or by platform?) just add it to the comments.

First Category: Coin-Op games before 1995.

Gentlemen (and women), start your nominations. And yes, you can nominate as many as you like.

The responses so far reads like a definitive guide to old-school video games the names of which have brought back many happy memories of wasting money in my youth. Solonor’s writing about his misspent past as well and includes a few links to retro-video game websites.

So go over to Michele’s and engage in the discussion/heated debates on which old school video game was the bestest of the best. Just remember to keep your quarters lined up the cabinet if you intend on playing more than once.

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