Very relaxing, but not good blogging material.

Hmmm. Things have been a might bit quiet around here lately. Mainly because I’m enjoying my vacation away from work and, as usual when I’m on vacation, I completely forget about the rest of the world. You see, when I have to get up for work every morning one of the things I’m in the habit of doing is watching the morning news mainly for weather and traffic info, but also to see what’s going on out there. Then when I get to work I end up browsing the web throughout the day because A) I hate my job as it currently stands and the occasional break takes my mind off of how much I hate it and B) I sometimes don’t have anything better to do being between meetings and phone calls. As a result I end up invariably being exposed to some news item that inspires me to do a write up about it.

On the weekends I don’t tend to post as often because I generally sleep in and miss the news programs and I’m at home where the lure of countless partially finished video games manages to overpower my admitted short-at-times attention span. Well, when I’m on vacation it’s kinda like one big weekend. Toss in the holidays and the fact that I’ve received a plethora of new games as of the 25th and I have even less reason to make my usual web surfing rounds.

So if the content seems a little on the thin side lately, now you know why, but unless I manage to win the lottery before January 5th I’ll be returning to my usual schedule and the pace of entries being posted will probably go up. In the meantime I’ll try to drag myself away from my various toys long enough to read some news items that might piss me off enough to make for a meaty post.

2 thoughts on “Very relaxing, but not good blogging material.

  1. There, there. It’s alright. Go back to sleep. Sleeeep. Sleeeep. OK, are you asleep? Don’t answer that. Instead just dream about taking out your checkbook and writing a nice blank check for Les Jenkins and dream about mailing it in this handy pre-addressed envelope you’re dreaming I’m handing to you… that’s it… good boy!

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