Time to relax.

Well, I attended the last official work-related meeting for the year this morning and I’m now sitting here at work with little to nothing to do for the rest of the day let alone for tomorrow. I’m going to use the last little bit of vacation time I have left this year to take Monday and Tuesday off so I’ll have over two weeks off of work for the holidays, which is about the only vacation I actually get anymore as the rest of my “vacation” days during the year are eaten up by being sick or having some emergency to tend to. Given all the stress from being moved into a new position I didn’t want has caused me I’m really looking forward to forgetting this place even exists for awhile.

While I’m off I’m hoping to redesign Anne’s web page for her as she’s been asking me to update it for awhile now. I may also take a stab at re-doing my sister’s site, finally getting a design in place for Courtney’s blog, and putting up something other than default templates for both Jenkins Online and the Michigan Blogs sites I run. I’ll probably check with Mom about her blog and if she wants a new design while I’m at it.

That’s my plan at least. Come Christmas morning if I end up with half the video games I’m hoping to end up with then chances are I’ll be lucky to complete one of the redesigns I’m thinking of. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

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  1. Hey Les when looking into MT the other day I came accross this site with some nice MT templates if it will make your life easier.. I know that working on stuff like that can be theraputic but at the same time with as many as you will be doing it can get headachesome.. figured I would share

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