“Thunderbirds” movie teaser trailer on the Net.

I’ve previously mentioned my love of the old British action/adventure show Thunderbirds and how geeked I was to see it revived on TechTV. Now it appears there’s a live action movie based on the show due to be released next August staring Bill Paxton, Ben Kingsley, Brady Corbet, Anthony Edwards, and Sophia Myles.

In all honesty I wasn’t so sure how well it might work taking a show that used marionettes and translating it into a live-action format. Particularly when one of the things a lot of fans of the show, such as myself, loved about it was the highly detailed miniature sets and vehicle models that they used. Based on the trailer it looks like they’re doing the ships and such in CGI, but maintaining the funky model-ish look the show had. Hell, the whole thing looks like the show with live actors stuck in it. I can’t wait!

10 thoughts on ““Thunderbirds” movie teaser trailer on the Net.

  1. since the movie is not out yet, it’s little early to say if Frakes will screw up the whole thing but i’ve seen the trailers and it dosent’ look good at all. It looks even more fake than the old show! If that’s what Thunderbirds in real live action looks like, BRING BACK THE PUPPETS, DAMMIT!

  2. Hey I could care less who is in it.  Bill Paxton’s a good actor, and Ben Kingsley is playing “The Hood” (Will somebody get ‘Gandhi’ a real job?).  It looks as campy as ever which is why I loved all of Gerry Anderson’s shows.  Rumor has it that a Captain Scarlet movie is now on the drawing board.  I know where I’ll be in August…  It still amazes me how great all the Supermarionation shows were with the small budgets.  My only beef with the movie is that FAB1 was built by Ford!  C’mon guys, it’s a Rolls for goodness sake…LOL.

  3. Looking forward to the movie..Gerry Anderson sold his rights to Thunderbirds way back in the early seventies….he won’t make a ‘brass Razoo’ out of this new venture.

    The Tracy brother’s were all named after the US ‘Mercury Mission’ astronauts..Scott Carpenter, Virgil ‘Guss’ Grissom, Alan Shepard, Gordon Cooper and John Glenn…..

  4. I remember seeing the very first episode of Thunderbirds at the tender age of three and have been a Gerry Anderson fan ever since.

    I had really serious doubts about the movie, but the trailer has just blown them all away. I can’t wait until 6th August and am quite prepared to kill someone for a premier ticket.

    Apparently Bill Paxton and the cast are so confident in the movie, they have signed up for not one, buttwo sequels and a new TV series may be made if the movie is a success. Many of the staff at Pinewood Studios are highly impressed with the production.

    The reason that FAB1 is a Ford in the new movie is because Rolls Royce refused to allow their marque to be used. Idiots - just see how long it is before they come crawling back for some sequel action.

  5. I too have always been a GREAT fan of Mr. Anderson’s shows!
    I hope they do not overdo the special effects.  Those of the TV shows were Great and the detail of everything was tremendous!!!  Also, I hope they keep the clean, potent music similar as the original had.  Not that loud rap type trash that ruins so many remakes.
    Gerry, if you can see me now,  I’m holding up a glass to you!!
    Good Luck to all!!

  6. I have been a life long fan of Thundersbirds. My 4 year lod son has also followed my love for the show, and has almost every toy thunderbird availible. We are both counting the days untill the movie is realesed.

    Can anyone help us obtain tickets for any of the london premiers. you can help make a young lad extremely happy.

    bring on 23 July - great stuff

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