The 2003 Weblog Awards is underway.

Looks like Wizbang has geared up for the Wizbang: 2003 Weblog Awards. As usual, yours truly hasn’t been nominated for anything, but that’s OK considering the uproar that broke out over past weblog awards. I suppose the fact that I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades as opposed to being best at any one thing doesn’t help my chances any. Yeah, that’s it. I’m multifacted.

Some of the categories have already been closed and I recognize only a handful of the sites that have been nominated so far. I was surprised not to see Solonor’s site in the Best Humor category considering how much he cracks me up. Or, for that matter, Natalie’s Pickle Juice.

6 thoughts on “The 2003 Weblog Awards is underway.

  1. Kevin, I didn’t mean that as a criticism. It’s more a testament as to how tardy I am at noticing that it was underway again than anything else as otherwise I would’ve nominated both of those sites for the humor category. grin

  2. Oh and Solonor, translating that into Latin threw me for a moment. What the hell do you think I am? Educated?

  3. :confused:
    I don’t know where you guys got that translation, but it is a leeeetle bit suspect!.

    I’m no expert, but I dabble, as I have to take a Latin competency exam next semester.

    I think the translation is attempting to say “the prescription in the hands of the letter carrier is” but it uses the dative or ablative forms of hand, manibus, and mangles the noun letter carrier.  I think they were aiming at the genetive case, as in “the letter carrier’s hands.”  Anyway, it’s making my head hurt.

    argentum praemitto tabelarii translates loosely as “the money I am sending on by lettercarrier” and (in my not so educated opinion) is probably a more accurate translation, although it is necessarily more idiomatic than the English version.

    And of course, none of this matters, at all, but it is an EXCELLENT opportunity for me, as the owner of a Latin dictionary, to posture pretentiously for all the other readers of this blog.

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