Stupid Evil Bastard: AS SEEN ON TV!

OK, we haven’t actually been on TV, but I did get a call from a television producer today. From a guy who’s working on a new show for one of the major networks. It’s another one of those shows where they collect a bunch of clips of people doing amazingly stupid things and put them all together into a single tasty half-hour or hour show for your viewing pleasure. Clips like the Turkey in a Truck clip I linked to on Thanksgiving day. I bet you’ll never guess which category here at SEB it was that led him to giving me a phone call…

Seems he wanted to buy that and another clip off of me. Problem is, they’re not my clips. Dammit. I don’t even own a video camera; something I hadn’t really missed until now. Not that it matters, I’m not the sort to go out and risk major personal injury to myself just for a chance to end up on TV. Still, I did help him piece together how to track down the people who might be the actual owners of the clips.

He thanked me for my help and asked that I pass along any new links to clips of people doing stupid things that I might happen across in my travels. I told him I’d be happy to pass them along and I asked if I could mention the show he was working on. He asked me to hold off until it started airing, which should be sometime this January. In the meantime, I need to get a hold of Hairboy who does have a video camera and isn’t afraid to do stupid things on occasion. 😀

Just goes to show you never know who’s reading your blog!

2 thoughts on “Stupid Evil Bastard: AS SEEN ON TV!

  1. Doesn’t it suck when you don’t own something? What’s funny is these guys just don’t understand the concept. When I posted the “one weekend a month my ass” picture I that I got via email, I eventually got a bunch of media inquiries about it. I told them all the same thing: I’m not the original source, so I really can’t help ya (much like you did). I sure do wish I could find the original source.

  2. Man, that is a funny clip. What an idiot!

    I’m putting you in my blog roll, like your page. I’m an atheist too.


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