Santa had to come back to my house.

Well, not really, but it kinda feels like it. Anne decided it was time I got a new winter coat as the leather one I’ve been wearing for the past near-decade was full of holes and the zipper was half-gone. So we set out to Cabela’s in Dundee, Michigan, which has to be the biggest “outdoor outfitters” store I’ve ever seen in my life, to look for a new leather coat. What we found was this:

It’s a sheep skin lined Australian style of some sort with a matching hat. Granted, I wouldn’t think of Australia first for proper winter gear, but the damned thing is warmer than my old coat. We picked up some new shoes for me there as well which are water proof and a bit more boot-like for getting through the rest of the winter with. Best of all, I looked pretty wicked in it.

16 thoughts on “Santa had to come back to my house.

  1. Kick-ass coat!  I have one made of lambskin from Australia - they eat a lot of lamb and mutton down there but have very little use for the leather so they export to us schmucks who live in the midwest.  We have a Cabela’s up here, too, but for some reason I always thought it was a steakhouse.  May have to check that out the next time I’m nearby - I loves me some hunting socks.

    You do, indeed, look pretty wicked.

  2. I was in Nebraska, and went to the Cabela’s world headquarters store in Sidney. It’s massive, has (probably) the largest mountain in Nebraska inside the store (showcasing the Cabelas brother’s various hunting kills). Apparently it’s a huge Neb. attraction.

    Click here for details on that store

    But a massive store it is.

    (I used to work for the Nebraska-based company that created Cabela’s massive web site, which is why I had to go there)

  3. looks like a drizabone coat(get it?)….they’re pretty common outback, as they are great in the rain, but I have to say, I’ve never seen one lined with sheep skin in my life (and I live in Ausralia!) but you’ll need to oil it once a year though to keep the material waterproof, sounds funny, but it’s true!

  4. Jake, the Cabela’s here in Michigan has a mountain inside it as well. Complete with a waterfall and various stuffed dead animals displayed all over it. It’s most impressive.

    Jane, we read up on the need to oil it once a year when we bought it so we made sure to pick up a can of “Australian Outback Authentic Dry Feel Reproofing Cream” as the care instructions called it. According to the coat maker’s website the official name is “Australian Outback Drover coat.” I find it somewhat amusing that it’s called an authentic coat when it’s actually made in Canada. Surely by authentic Australian-Canadians I’m sure.

  5. bwahhaha-that’s so funny :-D
    maybe it’s a canadian company that only employs australian drover dogs who can sew!!!!
    does the oil come from Australia at least? no wait, don’t tell me.I don’t want to know…
    if you have a dog, you can get them for your dog as well…….

  6. I’m sure if you felt like ripping the sheepskin lining out of your brand new coat, you’ll find a drizabone label
    and that the LINING only comes from canada!
    anyway, just the thought of sheepskin today is too much, it’s 35 degrees (me thinks it’s about ?100C, not too good on conversions)

  7. That picture brings back memories of an outback type hat and furry boots.  I guess you should have been born in Australia but I couldn’t afford to fly there then .. Sorry!!!

  8. Jane, no need to rip it out. It’s removable so the coat can be used year round.

    DaveR, Amish Superhero? I can only imagine. LOOK! THERE IN THE SKY! IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? NO! IT’S SUPER STOLYZFUS!

    Able to raise a barn without aid of power tools in less than day! Faster than a speeding buggy! Able to churn butter in just five stokes! IT’S SUPER STOLYZFUS, THE AMISH SUPERHERO!

  9. I love the coat.. my partner has one just the same and some ladies I know over here swoon over a drizabone…  They are great coats for keeping the rain wind and cold out.. all you need now is an akubra hat and maybe some RM Williams boots and you could pass for an aussie!!!

  10. Super looking coat, Les - and you look good in it.  I miss living in a climate that allows for coat-ery.  I guess I’m one of those fools who actually likes cold weather and snow in the winter.

  11. I must be one of those fools as well then. I enjoy having four seasons and about the time I get sick of one the next one comes along so it works out for me. I could do without some of the truly bitter cold days in February that come along, but otherwise I enjoy the winter for the most part.

    The coat is good for just rainy weather as well, though, as the lining is removable and it was actually designed for rainy days rather than snowy ones. Considering it’s supposed to be Australian and all.

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