RoTK racking up positive reviews.

Seems everyone who has managed to eek out an early screening of the final Lord of the Rings movie is just pleased as punch with it. About the worst complaint anyone has been able to muster is the multiple-endings dragging things out a bit.

And over at Rotten Tomatoes Return of the King has managed a 100% freshness rating out of 44 reviews so far, something I don’t think I’ve seen before.

Gonna be tough waiting until Monday to go see this puppy so don’t go leaving spoilers in my comments, OK?

7 thoughts on “RoTK racking up positive reviews.

  1. I went ahead and posted my review in the forum under movies and games. Forgive the spoilers.

  2. Dammit TCW! Now you’ve ruined the film for me! You’re probably the same person who ruined Titanic by telling me ahead of time that the friggin’ boat ends up sinking!

  3. Yeah, I really was upset that there was no scouring but considering that Galadriel never gave Sam the Mallorn seed and the soil you kind of figured it wasn’t going to happen. He more than made up for it though with the song and dance number he wrote in for the mouth of Sauron.

  4. Eric Paulsen, Galdriel gave the mallorn seed to Sam in the movie, but it was cutted out from the theatrical version. But you can see it in the extended edition of FotR.

  5. You sure? I have the extended edition and have watched it at least half a dozen times and do not remember the seed. The rope yes, but not the seed and the soil… I guess I will have to watch that scene again.

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