Princeton Review figures out caffeinated drinks are popular during college finals.

Can I get a rousing chorus of “DUH” please? Thank you.

Seems the mental giants at the Princeton Review did a survey recently that confirms that college students consume lots of drinks high in caffeine to get through their finals. Gee, ya think?

Daily Trojan – Princeton Review study finds college students drink caffeine to get through finals. USC students generally agree.

A recent Princeton Review survey revealed that students use drinks such as coffee, Red Bull and Coke to help fuel their studying during finals time. More than 50 percent of 1,000 students who were surveyed claimed coffee was their drink of choice.

Soft drinks followed closely with 46 percent and about 16 percent said they use energy drinks.

“Drinking plenty of coffee and other stimulants always works,” said Brandon Miyoshi, a senior majoring in international relations.

Proving once again you can never be so educated that you can’t waste time stating the fucking obvious.

3 thoughts on “Princeton Review figures out caffeinated drinks are popular during college finals.

  1. So…does this mean the next study they complete will be whether or not college students drink beer at parties? Can’t wait to hear the results! smile

  2. I agree that the entire world knows that college students rely on caffine.  However, The Princeton Review does a wonderful service for High School and College aged students.

    TPR has put an official study out that people can now point to that proves that College students rely on a chemical to survive college.

    We should be thanking TPR…not mocking.

  3. We should also point out some other obvious things science had to wast time studying, like the sun revolved around the earth, as do the stars and the moon. Hey we must be the fucking center of the universe!!!

    Sure the study makes an obvious point, but science cannot ever claim the obviousness of an assumption without first finding the facts behind that assumption. This kind of ridicule is the price that science must pay in order to discover the falseness behind the “obvious”.

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