Oops. I broke it.

Well, I had planned on spending this morning at work blogging about whatever I could think of seeing as there’s nothing else to do today. The building I’m in is practically a ghost town and those of us who are here aren’t doing a whole helluva lot.

So I came in and wiggled the mouse to wake my PC to login when I realized that the PC had crashed. The cursor wasn’t responding to moving the mouse and the keyboard was unresponsive, but there wasn’t any kind of an error message on the screen so I powered it off and back on again. It displayed the boot screen just fine, but when it cleared that to draw the desktop and the login window it just hung and never did draw the desktop. Rebooted again and it did the same thing. Tried safe mode and it did the same thing. Well I just backed all my data up two days ago so I figured I’d just restage it and be done with it.

Three restages later it finally decides to join the domain properly and I can get things back to normal. That took most of the morning and I’m planning on leaving around about lunch time so it looks like this might be all the blogging I do this morning. That’s OK, restaging my PC at least looks like work more so than blogging does.

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