Oh the weather outside is… schizo.

So I’m sitting in the living room this morning watching the news like I do every morning before work and they’re talking about how there’s a snowstorm brewing to the south that looks to dump more snow on places that have already gotten plenty this season, but that it’ll miss us here in south eastern Michigan. “At most,” the perky weather-lady says with a grin, “We’ll see a few flakes, but no accumulation.” So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped out the front door to see the following. Click the pics to make ‘em bigger.

I had to scrape the windows on the car and let it warm up and everything. Things didn’t get much better when I got on the road either.

As I drove to work it suddenly cleared up and was sunny and there was no snow to be seen on the ground only to go back to near-blizzard conditions again and it did that at least twice. At work there was some snow on the ground and there were flakes in the air, but nothing like what I’d seen at home. So what did it look like when I came home?

Sunny with nary a snowflake to be seen for miles, natch. Needless to say, I was disappointed. It’s two weeks till Christmas and I could do with a little snow cover to heighten the spirit a bit, but it seems like you creeps in Kansas, Missouri and Ohio are hogging it all as you’re all due to get MORE of it tonight! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want tons of snow here, just enough to cover up the brown grass and make everything pretty without making the driving too rough. So if you guys who are hoarding it all to yourselves can find it in your heart to send a inch or two to Michigan, well, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Oh the weather outside is… schizo.

  1. All 8-9 inches of snow we got last weekend disappeared overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Warm rain melted it all. [sniff]

  2. Gotta love this crazy weather time!

    We (Nashville, TN)  are suppose to be getting rain tommorrow mid-day, snow in the evening and freeze over night, Snow Sunday- Cold Monday and then Tuesday Highs in the 60’s with thunderstorms.

    Guess the weather men need something to keep them on their toes.

  3. Things like this happened around October for me. It snowed for a couple of days, followed by a week of 20+(Celsius) temperatures. It tricked the trees near my high school into blossoming again.

    As for wanting some snow for Christmas, you can have some of ours. We have around half a foot and are certain to get more, with the temperatures lingering between -20 and -30(Celsius again)

  4. Oh stop ur bitching, atleast you get snow. The closes we get to snow down here (Australia) is hail, and that stuff hurts. And our x-mas is smack bang in the middle of our summer, try dressing up in a santa outfit in 40 degree heat. Sometimes I wish my kids didn’t believe in Santa

  5. I know how you feel.  It hasn’t hardly snowed here, either.  It either rains or the wind blows freakishly hard (like today).  Very disappointing.

  6. I was born in San Diego.  Nice winter weather   Sometimes, it gets below 50 degrees F.  Not often, though.

    We moved to Wyoming when I was 9.  It hit sixty below zero a few times over the 5 years I lived there.  We’d also have “sticking” snow by my birthday, every year, the first week in October.  By now, they’ve probably got their standard 3-5 feet on the ground.

    But hey, I moved back to San Diego in 1979.  I’m not stupid, ya know


  7. It is now minus 8 degrees fahrenheit in Pullman, WA (at 8 am in the morning).  There’s about two feet of snow on the ground, accumulated over the last four days, and the drifts are about three to three and a half feet. 

    When I go outside, my nosehair freezes to the the inside of my nose and then “crackles” when I wrinkle up my nose.  I HATE this place.

    I’m gonna start looking for jobs in Florida!  If I never see snow again, it’ll be too soon!

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